Quentin Bacon

Who love taking photos, food, people, travel, the unique, my amazing family, thick fog. What inspired him most is a “ visual world and the hearts that make it beat. I find peace in capturing life in stillness, conjuring the inner life through the use of light.” I looked at his work and he doesn’t have a specific style that makes it more interesting about his work. I can learn a lot because there are many photography styles. Also, even when he uses different style but to me, he follows some rules like making this subject main focus and really good use of depth of field. All of his picture colours are goes with food like if food is hot or fried his image colour is warm and dark. If it’s like drinks or desserts like ice cream and cake his picture vibe is light and simple. Whatever he put in the picture to decorate it’s all are like ingredients and something in the food.
Love is work on this picture just like his other work good force on the subject and I think he used natural light. The egg drop is amazing choice makes everything look delicious.

One thought on “Quentin Bacon

  1. rmichals

    Bacon’s work is slightly messy. this is a good choice with the dripping egg yolk and the drops of spinach. This is a trend in food photography. Should it be very neat and clean or should it look more authentic and hint at the process of making the food?


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