Brian Rodgers Jr. “is an American Advertising Federation award-winning commercial advertising photographer and digital artist based out of South Bend, Indiana. He’s the founder and owner of Digital Art That Rocks and specializes in product and architectural photography with an emphasis on the post-production process.” Love his work I know his work scene 2015 and he became my inspiration on products photography.

I love his work because of all his works like real minimalistic. Also, all of the work done in the studio and he does it really well on showing what his products are capable. His work on the beverage is amazing. When seeing his work it looks amazing all of this picture of beverage style is same like the black background to make the product main focus and most of them have like smoke going around to make look good because if it’s just a drink then it will look boring and not interesting. When you see his work it will make you want it I think when viewers feel that you have done your job and he has done it. 

One thought on “BRIAN RODGERS JR

  1. rmichals

    I don’t think I would call Brian Rodgers Jr’s work minimalistic! Even the example you chose is pretty elaborate. Maybe you are referring to the fact that the composition is simple? the bottle and its surrounding material is just floating in the center of the composition?

    So the implication of the soft, dark material around the wine bottle is that the wine itself is soft but deep. The low contrast in this image conveys the association of smooth.

    Notice the highlights on the bottle. This was definitely done as a composite as we did it in class.


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