Marcel Christ

Marcel Christ’s photograph of the red drink in a glass cup, we only see one third of the cup in a third-quarter view. Including visible ingredients such as a lemon on the left bottom, basil on the right bottom, ice, and a straw on the right. On either side there is a light pink, it makes the drink more appetizing. The success for this photograph is that you don’t really need the whole drink to know what’s in it. The frame is filled and the composition of each ingredient placed is cut off but doesn’t necessarily need to be shown whole because just a bit is cut off. As well as the lighting of this photograph, I think a three point lighting. I am sure that there is a main light and a filter light that makes the drink pop out more.

One thought on “Marcel Christ

  1. rmichals

    I agree that the success of this photo is its tight framing. We do not need to see the whole glass for it to make the vodka appealing.

    Still life photography which includes food has a different vocabulary then portrait work. When we talk about portrait lighting each pattern on light on the face has a name. That is just not true when we photograph things. So we don’t really use the terms 3/4 view or 3 point lighting in a case like this.


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