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I created this mask economically by reinvigorating an old scarf and using cotton as bleak accessories. The theme of my project is COVID-19, since it has affected so much around me and the kinds of projects I am able to do simply because so much of the country is shut down. This pandemic has kind of sucked the joy out of classes that are typically more hands on and a group learning experience.

Final Project

For my final project, I created a 3D wire sculpture of a face. It is a Linear form in wire from simple, plane, and hollow form. The idea came from Alexander Calder. The inspiration came from Calder’s wire studies.

Carmen Diaz Final project: Nature Dream Catcher

This is the final project I love nature and I love the idea of dream catchers and so I decided to make one with the materials that I have at home. It was an old t-shirt with popsicle sticks and string. I couldn’t find feathers to attach to the bottom so I ended up leaving it just the way it is. It has a very geometric feel to it with a hexagon shape and the steams looking very liner.

zoetrope by Billy Shi

I choose to do a zoetrope for my final project becuase zoetrope is one of first pre-film animation devices people used back in the days, and I grew up watching anime and comics. Also I choose this specific character for my zoetrope is becuase the anime (Crayon Shin-chan) he appeared in is probably the first anime I’ve ever watched even today the show is still ongoing but sadly the original artist who created him passed away a few years ago and just recently the voice actor of this character’s dad passed away too due to cancer and I was pretty upset with it, so I want to make a zoetrope as like a memorial thing to my childhood.



This is my final I made it with candle. So, first I had to melt lots of candle, make it big square, put the melted candles in the square box which is “Solid Forms”, let the candle dry and start cutting into the shape the hand which is “Hollow Geometric or Organic Forms”. I try to make it look like my mom hand.

Silvana Comori- Dream Catcher-Final

For my final project I decided to make a dream catcher. I really like them, dream catchers are meant to stop bad dreams and have good ones. The materials I used was a solid circular shape I had, then wrapped around it a brown rope. For the feathers to hang, I pushed strings through them as well as through the black beads to separate them,I chose to use beads because it will make it easier to push through the strings and feathers. For the ropes in the middle I had to tie them with one another to make that form. Lastly to add color I colored the brown rope black.

In this project I have a combination of Hallow Geometric form(Circle), Modular forms employing unit shapes and axis, Linear forms in wire(brown rope, vertical strings hanging down, as well as the linear form in the middle of the dream catcher with the ropes intertwining) Moving forms(the feathers), Assembled forms(overall dream catcher is the assembled form)