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Dream Catcher Carmen Diaz Final piece

I decided for my Final to create a Nature dream catcher. I Have always liked the way dream Catchers looked. I chose to go with tree patterns in the middle because I love nature it’s very near and dear to me and I wanted to have something that could hang above me in a way where I was myself closer to dreams full of nature. It was a mixture of cloth popsicle sticks and string to create this piece. Sadly I didn’t have any feathers to attach to the bottom of the strings but soon I can make the update.

The gray was an old cotton t-shirt that I used to wrap around the glued popsicle sticks that formed and hexagon. I tried to color in the tree with some leftover gold glitter I had from a previous project but It didn’t fully get through all the pieces of string and therefore came out a bit messy. But overall I love the way it came out. I created my own Dream Catcher!