Final Projects

The Final Project Encourages Form and Content

Due on the last class May 11, select a theme of Individual importance. Then select a form to express it or combination of forms we have explored during the semester which include:

  • Hollow geometric or organic forms
  • Modular forms employing unit shapes and axis
  • Solid forms
  • Linear forms in wire
  • Moving forms
  • Assembled forms
  • Laser cut hollow forms or 3D Printed forms from a digital file like Rhino (Architectural Technology assists)

Select your material.

Sketch the design for consideration.

It is important to create a form that reaches into space with height, width and depth considered and not a flat shape.

Examples of projects from previous classes are on the Open Lab.

The project is orally and visually presented on the Last Class!

Amit’s Final Project 3D Printed and Computer Images (2017 Fall)

Painted Paper, Board Torch Light

David’s Modular Light (Fall 2018)



Colored Paper, Board, Styrofoam Head

Maria’s Open Book, Colored Paper, Board, Styrofoam Head (Fall 2018)

Clay Portrait of Shigeo Fakuda by Yi Mei Spring 2018

Yi Mei’s “Portrait of Shigeo Fakuda” Clay (Spring 2018)

Wan Jun’s ” Flower Ball ” Suspended (Spring 2018)

Jennie's "Ice Cream" Spring 2018

Jennie’s “Ice Cream Sale” (Spring 2018)

Shaneak's She will Be Spring 2018

Shaneak’s “She Will Be” Clay (Spring 2018)

Niko’s “Homage to the Dead Warrior” (Spring 2018)

Aaron's Final Project (Fall 2017)

Aaron’s Final Project in Metals (Fall 2017)

Nia’s Growth of Love (Spring 2017) Mixed Media


Geneva’s Dream House (Spring 2017)

Brian’s Millenium Ring  3D Printing/Wire (Spring 2017)

Paata’s Elephant Clay (Spring 2017)

Derrick’s Light (Fall 2016)

Annabelle’s Plaster Casting of Her Hands (Fall 2016)

Lauren’s Pocket Knife (Fall 2016)

Sohrin’s Light (Fall 2016)

Todd’s 3D Printed Puzzle (Fall 2016)

 Tashi’s Flame (Fall 2016)

Sinead's Celtic Cross Wood (Spring 2016)

Sinead’s Bridge Cross Wood (Spring 2016)

Panda's Sneaker Mixed Media (Spring 2016)

Panda’s Sneaker Mixed Media (Spring 2016)

Miguel's Stairway Wood (Spring 2016)

Miguel’s Stairway Wood (Spring 2016)

Divina's Phoenix Paper (Spring 2016)

Divina’s Phoenix Paper (Spring 2016)

Dionne's Brain_Tree of Life Ceramic (Spring 2016)

Dionne’s Brain_Tree of Life Ceramic (Spring 2016)

Amber Matoki

Amber’s Matoki Clay (Spring 2016)

Rafal's Portrait in Clay

Rafal’s Portrait in Clay (Fall 2015)

Krystel's Enlightened Mixed Media, Membrane over Wire

Krystle’s Enlightened Mixed Media, Membrane over Wire (Fall 2015)

Kenny's Lantern Chopsticks

Kenny’s Lantern Chopsticks (Fall 2015)


Tenzin Perspective Reversed 2a Tenzin's Perspective a

Tenzin’s Final Project in Styrofoam “Perspective” (Spring 2015)

Will's Geometric Solid Beautiful Burns Wooden Modular

Will’s Final Project in Wood “Beautiful Burns” a Geometric Solid Modular Form (Spring 2015)



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