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Square Shape

Unit: Two pyramids creating a square shape.

Axis: Vertical, Horizontal


It is made from closed cardboard form. It is a geometric triangular grouped form. The project will be created from modular form using repetition.

Hexagram within a Hexagonal

Unit: Two pyramids creating a V shape.

Axis: Vertical

Each vertices or point have their own individual form which look like two pyramids creating a V shape in the middle. I made six in total. Then colored them in red and green markers and lastly hot glued them together to create a hexagram inside a hexagonal.

Hanging Sun- Gabe Morales

unit: wire and thread

axis: vertical

I decided to first make a circle out of wire and then make something resembling a star, with five points. I then used string to tie it together and make it hang. There is a vertical axis when you hang it