zoetrope by Billy Shi

I choose to do a zoetrope for my final project becuase zoetrope is one of first pre-film animation devices people used back in the days, and I grew up watching anime and comics. Also I choose this specific character for my zoetrope is becuase the anime (Crayon Shin-chan) he appeared in is probably the first anime I’ve ever watched even today the show is still ongoing but sadly the original artist who created him passed away a few years ago and just recently the voice actor of this character’s dad passed away too due to cancer and I was pretty upset with it, so I want to make a zoetrope as like a memorial thing to my childhood.

One thought on “zoetrope by Billy Shi

  1. Meryl Taradash

    It’s really inspiring to read why you chose the zoetrope for your final project. I am happy that you used it to pay tribute to the anime you watched as a child. Thank you for the thoughtful project.


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