Group 1: Anik, Sue, Rachel, Nina
Group 2: Fatima, Kimberly, Zain, Erica
Group 3: Jaroslav, Merkis, Angie, Yuan

10/21/21 working space (Google Doc)

NOTE: As a component of the OpenLab assignment “Lockhart’s Lament” (due today), each person should bring to class a conjecture or question about the Bridges and Walking Tours game.

Group Activity (30 min).  

Get into your groups, and take 30 minutes to complete the following steps:

1.  Choose one person in your group to be the host.


  • Share screen.
  • Use Google Docs.

2. The host should open up the 10/20 working space (Google Doc). Each person should share their conjecture with the group.  For each conjecture, the group should decide if they think it is true or false (or don’t know).  

3. The host should record the each member’s conjecture, as well as the group’s conclusion for each conjecture, in the Google Doc. (Conjectures can be typed directly into the document, or an image can be uploaded to the document)

4. Choose one conjecture (or create a new one) to focus on as a group.  Your goal for the next few weeks will be to try to prove or disprove this conjecture.  Come up with several ideas about how you might prove it.

Group work due after 30 minutes:  Each group will record their work in 10/20 working space (Google Doc), including the names of the group members, the date, and the following:

  • Each member’s conjecture, along with a brief description of what the group thinks – is it true or false?
  • What is the conjecture that your group has chosen to work on? Be sure to indicate it clearly in the Google Doc (if you have created a new conjecture to work on as a group, please put it in the Doc).
  • Two different ideas about how you might try to prove the chosen conjecture.

Reflection:  To be completed individually after group work is complete, and submitted via the form below.  Take 5 minutes to write on the following prompt:

Briefly reflect on the process of working in a group by responding to each of these points:
1.  Describe something you learned.
2.  Describe something you contributed to the group.
3.  How did today’s work change your understanding of the “bridges and walking tours” game?

Group Work Reflection 10/21/21

  • Did your group experience any problems with technology during today's group work? If so, give a brief description.
  • Briefly reflect on the process of working in a group by responding to each of these points: 1. Describe something you learned. 2. Describe something you contributed to the group. 3. How did today's work change your understanding of the bridges and walking tours game?