Semester Project – Group Presentations: Description and Grading Criteria

Group Presentations Schedule :
All Group Presentations will take place on Tuesday, 12/7/21, at the beginning of class

The last significant group assignment for your semester project is a group presentation (there will be one more individual assignment, a reflection on the process, which will be assigned near the end of the semester).  I’ll put the details here, followed by an outline of the grading criteria. The presentation is worth 20 points total.

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Exam #3 Announcement

Our third exam will take place during class next Tuesday, 11/23/21.

Exam Date: Tuesday 11/23/21
Exam Time: During class, 4:05-5:45pm
Where will I take the exam? You will log into our usual zoom class meeting to take the exam.
Review: The review sheet is posted here (answer key can be found following the problems on the review sheet).

Exam #3 will be similar in format and policies to Exams #1 and #2. Policies and procedures appear below.

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Hi everyone,

If there are any homework assignments (WeBWorK or written homework from the book) that you did not start, did not complete, or did not get full credit on, you have an opportunity to revisit them now and improve your score. You may update and resubmit up to three closed homework assignments — you will have until Thursday, December 9th, to work on them. Written assignments should be submitted using the usual Upload link, WeBWorK assignments should be completed in the WeBWorK system.

If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please fill out the form below. Good luck!

Prof. Reitz

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