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Semester Project – Group Presentations: Description and Grading Criteria

Group Presentations Schedule :
All Group Presentations will take place on Tuesday, 12/7/21, at the beginning of class. Order of Presentations:
1. Kim
2. Jaroslav
3. Angie
4. Nina, Anik, Rachel, Sue

The last significant group assignment for your semester project is a group presentation (there will be one more individual assignment, a reflection on the process, which will be assigned near the end of the semester).  I’ll put the details here, followed by an outline of the grading criteria. The presentation is worth 20 points total.

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Semester Project – Group Process Paper

In his essay A Mathematician’s Lament, Paul Lockhart says “A good problem is something you don’t know how to solve.” This is quite different from most of the “problems” that appear in our mathematics education.  In the past weeks, you’ve all spent some time individually and in groups working on such problems, in the context of graph theory (“Bridges and Walking Tours”).

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