To Future High School Students,

Many of you kids may go into high school wanting to be cool and wanting to fit in. That might not be the best case scenario. I as a former high school student know what I had to do to get through high school and possibly make it to a college which I did. When you first step into high school many kids want to cut class and they just want to hang out and end up being in the wrong crowd. When I first started high school I did not make the best decisions. As I came in as a freshman I met many different types of people and I made a whole bunch of friends. When I first started school I would always go to class and hang out during lunch and after lunch my friends would tell me lets leave and go to the park and hang out. In the begging I would say no, but as time went on I would tell myself that it wouldn’t hurt to skip one class. That was the main problem because skipping class is like an addiction. You would tell yourself that doing it once wouldn’t hurt, but little do you know that it becomes a habit and it is hard to get out of it because then you would think to yourself how am I going to go class now and make up all the stuff I missed and it just would get harder from there. The student that I tended to be was the one that would say that there is four years of high school and I  have enough time to make it up, so a couple failing grades wouldn’t hurt me. That is where I messed up because that was my mentality for the whole freshman year of high school. When I got into my sophomore year I was a little better but I barely passed all my classes. When I got to junior thats when I noticed that I had to change my act. I noticed that in two years my high school years were coming to an end. I had a meeting with my guidance consular and she was telling me that there was a chance that I wouldn’t graduate. That is when I had a change of mind. I had ended up taking more classes my junior and senior year. That I started feeling as I was going through stress because there were many kids that had it all easy because they worked hard before and just because of the mistakes I had made I noticed that I was the only one that suffered and the only person that I could blame was myself, but all through that what I can say is that I have learned a major lesson. What you end up doing in your life are all based on your actions. You can go around blaming everyone in the world for all your mistake but you will once have to realize that you have no one else to blame but yourself because the only person that will be getting hurt at the end of the day is yourself, but that doesn’t mean that its the end. You may have to work a little harder but the main issue is many people give up and that is the main problem because that will hurt the most. You will have to realize that giving up shouldn’t be the solution because everyone has a purpose in this world but if you give up, you will never find out what is you purpose. I have realized that now because I feel as if I am a whole different person and I have change my ways in life because I noticed that one of the biggest opportunities you will get in the world is having an education that some people around the world have. Many of you all may mess up but always take in to the matter that you may have to work a bit harder but you should never give up because you don’t want to end up telling yourself that you are a nobody in this world.

Unit 4 (Revision of Unit 2)

David Wu


Prof. Hall

Eng 1121

To me, Kendrick Lamar is the greatest rapper of our generation. His music is different unlike other rappers who rap about money, fame, etc. In 2017, Lamar released, what seems to be his best album, “Damn”. The album tackles on issues that the African American race face such as police brutality and discrimination. One of the hit songs in the album “DNA” shows us how DNA is powerful. Kendrick soon released the music video a couple months after which is racking up over 200 million views.

The video starts off with Kendrick being cuffed to a lie detector inside what seems to be an interrogation room. A couple seconds later, famous actor Don Cheadle walks in to interrogate Kendrick. He then states, “You know what D.N.A. stands for? Dead Nigger Association.” Cheadle’s interpretation of the acronym DNA speculates on how society target black people. This relates to society issues like police brutality and discriminating African Americans. In the next scene, Cheadle turns on the lie detector and seems to be possessed. Once the lie detector was turned on, we can see it going crazy without Kendrick even saying a word. This can maybe represent African Americans in real life society being accused of anything without even getting a chance to say anything. Cheadle then returns back to normal but he looks like a whole different person. He then starts to rap the first verse and Kendrick soon joins in. Kendrick raps in one verse “I know murder, conviction, burners, boosters, burglars, ballers, dead, redemption, scholars, father dead with kids.” This shows us that Kendrick knows people of his race that are murderers, criminals, or been murdered. This verse tells us how the world views the African Americans in society.

Image result for kendrick lamar dna        Related image

They continue to rap in sync since the lie detector has now linked them together. Their, hence the title,“DNA” has been connected. Cheadle and Kendrick are both connected by their past experiences since it is shown that they are rapping as if they were one person. Kendrick wraps up the first verse with “Salute the truth, when the prophet say”. Cheadle then sees the truth which leads to him setting Kendrick free from the handcuffs. He is then greeted by a group which looks to be Kendrick’s group of friends. The second verse then begins with Kendrick stating “You mothafuckas can’t tell me nothin. I’d rather die than listen to you.” As he says the second line, it shows a priest yelling at Kendrick while he is lying in a casket. This can mean and be a message to his race that they shouldn’t care what society says about them. The verse ends with “Sex, money, murder our DNA”. Kendrick wraps up with this showing us that society views his race with sex, money, and murder built inside their mind and DNA.                                                  Image result for kendrick lamar dna                Image result for kendrick lamar dna

Kendrick’s visuals in the music video shows us the meaning behind his lyrics very well. Kendrick shows us throughout the video that his race is being portrayed as the villains in society. Kendrick told us an amazing message through this video which I would have never found out without this assignment. Being able to analyze a video this deeply really shows us the meaning in the visuals and lyrics.

Link to DNA music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLZRYQMLDW4

Unit 4 Speech Outline

Specific Purpose Statement: Were living in a disgusting world filled with hatred and surrounded around people who don’t want us to succeed; Don’t let them deter you from your dreams and don’t stop until its a real.

Main Points:

  1. We shouldn’t allow people to tell you and deter you from your own dreams. You know your true self the best.
  2. Today we’re filled with a disgusting hate-filled world, and we need people to bring positivity to this world
  3. There is no set path or timing to success.


  1. We shouldn’t allow people to tell you and deter you from your own dreams. You know your true self the best.
    1. During High School I had 3 mindsets:  To Always go 110%, Can’t Stop and won’t stop until the job is done, and that time should never be wasted.
    2. When I was in High School my principle expressed to me that she couldn’t see me being successful in college.
    3. For years battles with what she said and attended college to please my parents and to prove her wrong.
    4. Ultimately I put too much on my plate and couldn’t handle the stress and being a student and a full time manager.
  2. Today we’re filled with a disgusting hate-filled world, and we need people to bring positivity to this world
    1. We had 49 people killed in Orlando..
    1. The Dallas shooting that killed 5 officers and injured 9 others.
    2. I’m on Facebook and I see a new police brutality and violence everyday. People of color are being shot and killed in front of their family. And the officer says in the report, “I thought they had a gun.” Well, I know they had a family they had to go home to, and now they can’t.
    3. While Working at Journeys I was able to give back a little positivity to this world and during that time that’s all I could focus on.

3) There is no set path or timing to success.

  1. I learned that a part of live is being patient and waiting for your time.
  2. DO things for yourself, if you give love and positivity into this world it will return to you tenfold.
  3. Set your eyes on a dream and don’t stop until it’s yours.
  4. This class is about finding your public writer’s voice is hope to be able to give back your community.
  5. To be able to give back to this world we need to become the best versions of ourselves first.

Unit 4(revision of Unit 1)


English Composition ll

Hello..My name is Brandon Ma.

There are many things that I would like to discuss today regarding America. One of the things I will talk today is something that everyone of you should went through in your life….and it’s our education system. Growing up as students, everyone has the same curriculum to follow and it’s hardly changed in these past years. The America’s education system can be very competitive among students that want to achieve better in college but are uncertain what they are passionate about. The American education system should adopt some policies from all around the world, but specifically things that worked well in Finland’s education.

The first topic that I will discuss is what America has implemented from the “early 1900’s” which  is the standardized testing. One of the many thing that students get anxiety over which is the testing. According to Big ThinkFinland has no standardized tests. Their only exception is something called the National Matriculation Exam, which is a voluntary test for students at the end of an upper-secondary school (equivalent to an American high school)”. Students should not be studying and getting stressed until the standardized test or even the SAT just to get a good score so people they know would be proud. Not everyone is capable of doing well in tests and while there are others who can do well but does poorly in school. This can relate to discrimination in our society because if a student was not able to achieve certain expectations, thus these students tend to be neglected.


[My story]

Growing up has been challenging for the first 12 years of my life in public schooling. Why would this matter?


For most of my life, I was in public education and I never felt learning was something that I can be passionate about. Standing here now, I’m afraid of running out of time before it’s too late.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do from an early age and all I’ve done up to know is study the main curriculum to pass these upcoming test like the common core, standardized test, and SAT test.


Here I am in college, being penalized by Excelsior Scholarship Program in college. The reason was changing my major and an elective that I previous took does not transfer over. This can be very frustrating for me personally because I still don’t know what I can be passionate about.

Now I’m worried about running out of time before it’s too late.

[Introduction]– Moving onto our next topic, is student’s interest going to school.

Not everyone likes to go to school and attend class especially at the end of the day, they get piles of homework. According to the website The Big Think, “students in Finland have the least amount of outside work and homework than any other student in the world(qtd.Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development(OECD)). The students of Finland may not worry about stressing over homework that is due the next day and is able to relax. While America gets a lot of homework, and students worry if they can maintain still be motivated to go to school.


In my high school no one liked to sit in class and learn.The environment was very rebellious and causing all teachers being irritated everyday. Whenever students were given homework, not everyone completes them. This led to the teachers giving less homework or little to no homework at all. On top of that all, the students in my class was always distracting others in class and teachers when they are not getting personalized treatment to help them learn.


[Transition] The education system we have today may not be ideal in some ways but it can be improved.

[Introduction]While education had worked well in Finland, America still struggle to follow the trend. According to the website The Big Think, “There are fewer teachers and students in Finnish schools. You can’t expect to teach an auditorium of invisible faces and breakthrough to them on an individual level”. This clearly shows how Finland has small classes because of that students are more focused in class and interested to learn. However America still has its overcrowding in schools causing students not want to learn. I would like to talk about American University School of Education, and their mission “is to create knowledge and prepare students to transform societies through education.” The American University talked about, “Acknowledge and address overcrowding”. This often lead to students losing interest in schools, less personal support, and more stress between teachers and students. This shows that America should change some policies like effects of overcrowding schools.


[My story]

In my high school, the teachers felt out of place. The students never wanted to learn because of that they often distract other classmates and even the teacher. While the teacher can’t remove the student from the class, even if they are distracting is not a great solution.


One of the most common thing that is happening to our very classrooms is overcrowding. According to School of Education



Not everything can be changed overnight but as a society, we can change things little by little. There should be more personalized care for students in school, not everyone learns the same way or students are able to understand the material. Thank you for listening and you should be one to help education be better even if you’re a parent or a student.

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“5 Ways Policy Makers Can Improve the Quality of Education.” American University School of Education, soeonline.american.edu/blog/5-ways-policy-makers-can-improve-the-quality-of-education#first.

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Helsinki, Visions of. “Why Finland Has the Best Education System in the World.” YouTube, YouTube, 15 Sept. 2016, www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHHFGo161Os.

Unit 4 revision of unit 2 Spoken word poem (essay form)

Shauntai Nuredeen-Smith Dr.Carrie Hall/ENG1121 UNIT 4- Revision to UNIT 2 (Poem)
Melinated People
Not even the weather could predict the storms that rain upon the black race each day, I mean I got to say I’ve witnessed it first hand and believe it or not the scariest thing is a brother with no plan, there’s no telling what he’ll do, he’s running the streets he got nothing else better to do, nothing to prove so he’s lost and in the drought so many black mothers have to live without, bury your kids before they bury you? Like it’s not suppose to be the other way around, what a round, a round of applause for the black lives matter cause, for the voice, now we have a choice, not to be a statistic, I refuse to be boxed in to be quiet to be ashamed to be prejudged because to so many we are less. But I ask.. less than who? Less than you? The law? Shit a black face was all they saw. Fear at it’s finest, there’s that word again and its clears as day, its trembling through I’m so sick of the separation after all that we’ve been through. Unity, is a clear vision a selfless decision. The past is the past, the dark times never last, black lives matter, no matter the shade no matter the class. So I say be nice, be kind to one another my brother my sister… because so many are not so many are stuck on the illusion of their own confusion on why we all can’t fit, that we all can’t mix. White and blacks, Rosa refused to sit in the back and she had ours so lets have hers, look at us now, are you proud? Is it enough? One thing it is, is tough. Violence could leave a whole block silent and if she’s crying someone is likely dying, sad right? How far people go when their mad right? It don’t feel right. If one fall we all do in some way, when that reporter gives a report they never have much to say. Who can we blame tho right? We don’t learn and everybody sees it and they believe it. We killing each other off, the police isn’t even needed. A clock in my head keeps going off, rewind back to the old times but this time its’s us against us, we’re the enemy, the distraction from ourselves, from our greatness and our light. My brothers my sisters be kind, for the son who you will raise, for the sister who you will watch grow, they are watching. For the generation who will be up next, melinated faces be at your best!!

Unit 4 Proposal – Michael Vignoles

For Unit 4 I want to revise my educational essay and turn it persuasive speech. I had to add some key points to me essay first, and in the revision I added about how my principle told me that she couldn’t see me being successful in college.  I concluded the essay with the learning outcome that there is no set path to success. That after high school its up to you to find what you love. You should never allow anyone convince you of their ideal perfect way to success, because youre not following your dreams and only making the people around you happy, but not your own self. I would like to do my speech in class and i will record it. If not i have an idea to do it on the subway

Triggered Draft

I’ve always wondered

What kind of mother I would be

Would I be strict?

Or would I be carefree?

I’ve always wondered

Would I love you to the moon and back?

Or will I be like my mom and dad

and lack

Certain qualities necessary to love a child?

Hmm.. nah, I never be that wild

Mom and Dad argued so much

When my sister and I came home from school

We never had much luck

I rarely seen them hug and kiss

They were just arguing mules

Days and years going of through this

I might as well have

Sunken myself into a deep abyss

Maybe I’ve said too much? Or maybe not

But you get the gist

In high school I got so many memories

Triggers and flashbacks of what used to be

And it made me act out

Not being the best student I that could be

Not pushing myself and seeing me at my best

My potential was there but I was just a mess

Hanging around the wrong crowd

Not caring about any consequence

But when I all came down,

I was on my own defense

I’ve always wondered

What kind of mother I would be

Would I be scared

because it’s all so new?

would I be ecstatic after pushing you out

Enjoying my view?

A couple of my friends are new mothers

And sometimes I ask how it feels

They say it feels different than before

And sometimes they get the chills

One thing I do know

Is that you will be smart

You will not lack common sense

And you will have a heart

You are gonna look just like me

Beautiful eyes and curly hair

Oh, you never know the possibilities

Of what you and your siblings will look like

But one thing I do know

Is that you’ll definitely know how to ride a bike

I’ve always wondered

What kind of mother I would be

I don’t know

But I want to expand your intellect abundantly

I want to take you places I’ve never been

When I was I was five