To Future High School Students,

Many of you kids may go into high school wanting to be cool and wanting to fit in. That might not be the best case scenario. I as a former high school student know what I had to do to get through high school and possibly make it to a college which I did. When you first step into high school many kids want to cut class and they just want to hang out and end up being in the wrong crowd. When I first started high school I did not make the best decisions. As I came in as a freshman I met many different types of people and I made a whole bunch of friends. When I first started school I would always go to class and hang out during lunch and after lunch my friends would tell me lets leave and go to the park and hang out. In the begging I would say no, but as time went on I would tell myself that it wouldn’t hurt to skip one class. That was the main problem because skipping class is like an addiction. You would tell yourself that doing it once wouldn’t hurt, but little do you know that it becomes a habit and it is hard to get out of it because then you would think to yourself how am I going to go class now and make up all the stuff I missed and it just would get harder from there. The student that I tended to be was the one that would say that there is four years of high school and I  have enough time to make it up, so a couple failing grades wouldn’t hurt me. That is where I messed up because that was my mentality for the whole freshman year of high school. When I got into my sophomore year I was a little better but I barely passed all my classes. When I got to junior thats when I noticed that I had to change my act. I noticed that in two years my high school years were coming to an end. I had a meeting with my guidance consular and she was telling me that there was a chance that I wouldn’t graduate. That is when I had a change of mind. I had ended up taking more classes my junior and senior year. That I started feeling as I was going through stress because there were many kids that had it all easy because they worked hard before and just because of the mistakes I had made I noticed that I was the only one that suffered and the only person that I could blame was myself, but all through that what I can say is that I have learned a major lesson. What you end up doing in your life are all based on your actions. You can go around blaming everyone in the world for all your mistake but you will once have to realize that you have no one else to blame but yourself because the only person that will be getting hurt at the end of the day is yourself, but that doesn’t mean that its the end. You may have to work a little harder but the main issue is many people give up and that is the main problem because that will hurt the most. You will have to realize that giving up shouldn’t be the solution because everyone has a purpose in this world but if you give up, you will never find out what is you purpose. I have realized that now because I feel as if I am a whole different person and I have change my ways in life because I noticed that one of the biggest opportunities you will get in the world is having an education that some people around the world have. Many of you all may mess up but always take in to the matter that you may have to work a bit harder but you should never give up because you don’t want to end up telling yourself that you are a nobody in this world.

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