Artist Statement

Feighbe Solano

Professor Hall

Artist Statement

           This semester has definitely helped me grow and see “writing” in a completely different way. In my high school they had “majors” that would help them decide what group to section you off with. There was agriculture, RTC, and Center for Writing. My mom immediately put me into the center for writing and for my four years of highschool I took classes like Advanced Poetry, Advanced Writing, Creative Writing, and Shakespeare. Because of the consistency of these classes, I was shaping myself into a writer. I wrote poems and short plays and some of my best essays, but then highschool ended. I flunked my first college semester of English 101 and had to retake it. The professors I had didn’t challenge me at all creatively. One of my professors, throughout the entire semester, had us reading short stories and simply answer his questions in essay format, an entire waste of time. It made me lose my appreciation for writing.

          While looking through “Rate My Professor” I found Doctor Carrie Hall, she was rated very high and received so many comments on how she’s a great professor. I had to take her class, and I even rearranged my schedule multiple times in order to make this class fit. I’m not sure what I expected this class to be but it wasn’t what it turned out to be. By this time I only thought we’d be reading more books and short story’s but it was nothing like that at all. The projects that were presented to us through the units truly helped me get back into the hang of writing but not just through pen and paper, by using more creative outlets (Instagram) I was able to use my voice in a more effective way. My Instagram page on homelessness, MPNYC_ (Mission Possible NYC) is in my top two best works I’ve done for this class. I had never taken a writing project and customized it through an outlet where many people would be able to see and interact with it. Many writing projects simply get graded and put aside, for no one else to see and this is the complete opposite of MPNYC_ it is a public page for anyone to visit and read through and comment on, and the amount of productivity that I received on this page through likes, comments, and even followers, in the short amount of time that I had to put it together, was remarkable. On top of everything the subject that it’s based on is a REAL problem, while it doesn’t affect me personally it does affect the thousands of people who are of may become homeless, this project was dedicated to those people and in order to do that I had to step outside the box, remove myself from the equation, and instead think about the victims to this problem. This project shows my growth as a writer, from my first group project of the semester that was based on the education system, where I only had one slide and about two lines to say, which was also my least favorite project, unit two was definitely my best.

           As I mentioned before MPNYC_ is in my top two best works of done for this semester, the second project that’s also up there is my Bob’s Burgers project, this was unit three. What makes this project one of my best and favorites is the way that I took my all time favorite animated TV show, and I completely gutted it for its misconception on transgender women and men. When I say that this is my favorite show, I mean that I literally watch this almost everyday and have rewatched the series multiple times. In the beginning, unit three was a little hard for me to get on track with because we weren’t given the source, we had to look for it and choose for ourselves. I had gone back and forth between two ideas that I cannot remember right now, but in the end I chose to do it on my favorite show. The drawing that I did for this project was fun, but you can only see my growth through the artist statement that I wrote for unit three. I wrote about my process for this unit and I feel like any reader can see my side of the story whether they agree or not. It was a fun project to draw a Bobs Burgers scene and remake it into what I thought it should’ve been instead. Now, looking back at both of those projects while they are completely different because one is a drawing and the other is a Instagram page, they have one thing in common which is that they were both made to fight for a cause. A REAL cause that has absolutely nothing to do with me, but for the people around me. This is why these projects are my top two, because I didn’t do it on me or my story, they were made based on other people’s stories. The fight for equality for transgender people is still a real one, and the fight to end homelessness is a real one too. Never in my entire high school and college years had I done a project made for such important causes as these were and that’s where you can see my growth in Doctor Halls class, my page on homeless will stay active.


Me As A Writer – David Wu

David Wu


Prof Hall

Eng 1121

Me As A Writer

            I don’t believe there’s such a thing as a perfect writer. Everyone has their own set of writing skills. I believed that I was a horrible writer for a long time since elementary school. I had to take ESL to learn how to write. Till now, although I feel my writing has improved a bit then before, there is still a lot for me to learn as a writer.

Coming to this class at the beginning of this semester, I expected it to be another regular English class. I expected us to just be given research papers and regular writing assignments to work on, just hand it in to be graded, and not learn on how to become a better writer. However, the assignments given to us by Professor Hall were something I wouldn’t have expected from an English class. The assignments given to us were assignments to help us find our “inner voice” in our writing and to be able to express our ideas on topics. I felt as if these type of assignments of being able to incorporate one’s point of view or ideas on certain topics is what makes the writer interested in writing and readers being able to see and read what the writer has to say.

The first assignment given to us, we had to write a specific event that impacted us in learning something. For me, I just wrote down lessons I learned from basketball from the top of my head without giving any details or explanations. Most professors would just read it, grade it, and hand it back, but Professor Hall read the paper thoroughly and had a lot of comments on it. She told me there was nothing in the essay that makes it me, there’s no specific details to my claims, and there was a lot to write about. Hearing the feedback from her showed me on how my writing can improve than before. Given the third assignment, a revision on any of the previous units, I decided to rewrite the education essay. This time I took the feedback I heard and incorporated it into the writing. Improving this essay by going into detail about my claims and showing how it makes it me by including my point of view and ideas. I felt the revision I wrote is definitely a lot better than the first essay I wrote.

This carried on to the following units and assignments. Every unit I would incorporate my point of view and ideas on the topic. For example, the final unit which was another revision, I decided to revise the second unit which was an essay about pop culture and social responsibility. Given what I learned on how to improve my writing, I did the same for this unit, incorporating my ideas and thoughts onto the assignment. I analyzed the Kendrick Lamar video “DNA” in depth and went into detail about lyrics and scenes in how I viewed it. This made me confident and interested in writing this essay knowing I am able to incorporate my thoughts to this essay for readers to read on what I think about this topic.

To sum it all up, I feel my writing has definitely improved through the semester. Before I would struggle to write a 500 word essay and feel my essays aren’t great because I wouldn’t know what to write or to know to go into detail in my essays. But this course showed me how to improve my writing by expressing my thoughts and ideas and going into detail on topics. This course definitely helped me find my “inner voice” in my writing. To me, I feel Professor Hall has made me a better writer than before and I would take her for my future English courses if possible to learn on how to improve my writing even more.

Artist Statement

Every individual has their own strengths and weaknesses.  Ever since I can remember, I’ve had struggles with any form of languages such as English and traditional Chinese. My journey up till now, from all the things that I learned till now shows I still have a lot to improve on.

It all started at the very beginning of elementary school. Ever since first grade, the grades I receive was high 80’s and 90’s in my English tests. I never noticed that I needed extra help with English, specifically speech. I was never aware that I received extra help in my curriculum that a speech period was added and support during test taking. Until middle school, it became apparent that I was put into a class specifically for students that need extra support because a normal classroom would have 1 teacher instead of 2. Even throughout my years in high school and my first year of college, my speech is still not as good and I have difficulty communicating with peers and professors. I don’t think it will ever improve until time will tell.

The writing requirements for high school and college are drastically different. Going into my English composition class in my first semester of college was the cross between college and high school writing. I was learning that everything I was taught from high school was incorrect and I wasn’t annoyed by it. I appreciated the college style of writing because students were able to freely choose their style of writing and topics they want for an assignment. I believe the student’s topic is most important to them because no one would want to write on a topic that the individual won’t be passionate about. Moving into English composition 2, I did terrible on my first writing assignment that required serious revisions. Before the first assignment for English composition 2, we were told to write about the setting the character was in and was able to metaphorically paint a picture. These words mean much more such as “father”, “scolded”, and “tears” to help build a paragraph. For example, “I’m home with my father. It was after school, my father confronted me to discuss with my failing grades”. I tried to incorporate this into my other writing assignments throughout the semester to give a vivid image of the story. I may not have explained it better when I spoke to Professor Hall, and there are many ways to word a sentence better to be understood. Another assignment was the Gilyard’s response taught me ways to fill in words to complete an assignment with analysis. One of the things that I wrote was “Another thing that I liked about this story and that I would prefer in my writings is the use of the first-person perspective. I do not like how this story has people talking to another individual, as reading from a 3rd person perspective…”. This taught me how to add more details such as including my own personal opinions and thoughts if the topic has an impact on my life.

English may not be easy for everyone through countless years of expertise or practice. After all these years taking English class that was taught to me throughout my entire life that is supposed to teach the student how to write. I don’t believe that writing can be taught to students because writing isn’t something that students should be bound to. My writing hasn’t changed too much even though I wasn’t forced to follow a format. When I receive feedback from professors and help centers, I would be told that this is grammatically incorrect,  its a run-on, or there is a tense problem. I may not see it the mistakes that other people may see and that’s one thing that I’ll need to improve over time. Another habit I have is being lazy, thus I have to commit and spend time in an excluded room and read my essay out loud. In the end, the effort I put into my work will reflect the grade I will receive.

My weakness will continue to be English. As time will tell, I can’t really imagine myself being good at English. Even with my limited vocabulary, I may not impress the reader. I may not even have a coherent and cohesive essay. However, it should not be the reason that I would stop writing in the future and completing an assignment


Me as a Writer – Latrell Greene

Latrell Greene

ENG 1121

Dr. Hall


Me as a Writer

My writing ability over the course of this semester, I feel, has improved. Engaging myself by being tasked in writing in different styles, genres, and formats, proved to be great exercise for my skills as a writer. Not only did I learn a lot of different ways to write, but I learned a little more about how to stay true to my own style of writing, and refine that style to convey my ideas in an effective, but distinct way.

What made this class so different, especially in regard to the comparison between this semester and my last semester’s English class, was its special emphasis on one’s “own voice”, and being able to express one’s ideas in their own unique way. In my last semester there was a quite contrasting focus on using specific writer’s templates in order to express our ideas to an audience in an effective way. For our major assignments, we were given specific articles to respond to, and templates to use as a guide. Leaving that semester and entering this new one, my expectations of the writing that I would be doing were still geared toward that template-driven form of writing. It ended up being surprising to find that this course and its professor takes a heavy approach on embracing self expression in writing.

Right off the bat, in the first unit of this course we were introduced to ideas like “everyone has their own English”. This means that a lot of us grow up in our own cultures, and in those cultures there may exist a different “normal” ways of speaking and expressing one’s self. So it’s reasonable to accept that: for a lot of us, our English-language grammar, writing and speaking won’t be so perfectly formal. This is especially true when considering that for a lot of people, English is not even a first language. Different “Englishes” can reflect different ways of expression, and that’s why they have value. After all, when writing about yourself, and your own experiences, why wouldn’t you want that piece of writing to sound as “you” as possible?

In my Unit 2 piece X-Men and Representation, what I really liked about producing that body of work, was that for the unit, I was allowed to choose upon any topic, which gave me leeay to use a subject that I could be particularly passionate about. In fact, a theme in that same writing piece also connects to one of the themes that I want to convey in this very work: That people enjoy and really appreciate having themselves be represented, whether “themself” refers to their way of thinking, their culture, their personality, or their experiences. In the X-Men piece, I wrote “representation in pop culture can be a wonderful experience for people who don’t normally see people like themselves in those mediums” (para. 5). I think that just like having someone’s background be represented in a medium can offer a deeper connection between a reader and a character, being allowed to fully embrace someone’s natural way of expression can just as well offer a deeper connection between a writer and their own work, allowing ideas and themes to come across more organically. Nowadays, I reflect off of this by reminding and allowing myself to be more conductive and fluid with my own ideas when it comes to layering my writing.

In Unit 3, we were allowed to choose any community problem that we deemed worthy of addressing. I had thought up and decided to expand upon addressing the problem of noise pollution. In one part, I had written: “the purpose of this letter is to persuade you to consider solutions to get New York City, one of the most noise polluted cities in the nation, to achieve a more considerate and moderate noise level, especially regarding our subway system”. (para. 1) What made the unit able to be interesting was that we got to choose our own problems to address, in regard to how we already felt about them. Getting to choose something like noise pollution to address, which could be a really obscure topic to many people, and having to collaborate with a team of people who would bring their own ideas to expand upon it proved to be both effective, and satisfying. I was able to see my own conceptual ideas motivate new ideas in other people, as well as have myself be inspired by those new ideas.

My work with both Units 2 and 3 really reflect the lessons that I’ve learned this semester, about the art of writing, and about the importance of expressing your own ideas; Ideas that hold value, both in the way that the ideas are expressed, and in the ideas themselves. Representation, both from the writer’s perspective as well as the reader’s, can offer a deeper connection from person to page.

Stanley Desir                                                                           05/11/2019

     ENG 1121                                                                                Artist Statement


                                      ARTIST STATEMENT

   It just felt like yesterday I entered Dr. Hall’s English class. I had just transferred from Western Connecticut State University. I was nervous because everyone was new and the vibe of the class was just off. I was sitting between Hand and Leenesh and I wanted to engage in conversations with anyone because I’m very social, but I was nervous. It’s hard to get a black kid talking now a days and I felt that was my weakness. Growing up in NYC we were always taught to just close your mouth and mind your business. This class helped me express myself and be free. I felt Dr. Hall helped break the nervousness in the class just as she did in my writing. Over the course of the semester I really felt that she helped brought me out my shell. In our first blog post about gillyard’s essay I was really annoyed because I really did not want to write at all. I was always keeping thoughts to myself in my writing and she did a lot of assignments where I can express myself and be me. “Finding Stanley” is basically what I would describe it as. A lot of people are afraid to express themselves including myself. I felt with me it all started with education essay. We had to describe ourselves living in New York City and dealing with the education system and how it affected us. I talked a lot about myself on that paper with my family, friends, trust and the hardships of living in a tough neighborhood. Going through all those things I still managed to excel in school.


             Before I entered the class I really thought we were going to write pages and chapter summaries. But, Dr. Hall’s assignments were pretty simple, straight forward and provided a lot of content then you would think so. I think i’ve been able to write longer pieces than I ever could because once you’re presented with an idea/topic you just feel everything and just type away.  In the past, writing more than 2 pages was considered a lot for me. I’ve noticed ever since the class began most of the assignments were 2 pages or more. I kind of felt like it was kind of difficult to write a lot because reading and writing is not my cup of tea. Throughout t the semester I have noticed I sort of have been improving on explaining myself and expressing how I feel about certain topics. My strengths now is seeing a topic and just attacking it with my own experiences. I don’t take everything personal but whenever Dr. Hall gave us an assignment, I would always put my headphones in and just write my thoughts away. A relax mind helped me did good on those essays. I felt that relaxed and peaceful aura came from Dr. Hall. She’s very persistent with us and believes we could do anything we want as long as we put our mind to it.  The one essay which I really found myself was the Pop Culture essay. My favorite quote I used was “The stress comes in every direction on a daily basis. The impact of walking down the street in your own neighborhood can be a traumatic experience in itself. You don’t know who to trust. You would love to trust your brother who shares the same melanin as you, but he’s bound by that same fear that has you tip toeing on eggshells just to walk to work or school.” I felt what I said was like dope. I stopped typing after I wrote that and was like “wow I really came far as a writer”. That essay was my favorite peace because I was explaining my favorite rapper’s personal life while incorporating my own life in the essay. It’s truly one of the best pieces I’ve ever written. Thank You Dr. Hall for making this semester a great one. Best of luck in the future.

Look at the Past, Prepare for the Future

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(Communist Manifesto Review)

I used the communist manifesto for nearly the entirety of its structure. I established a visual that compared the issue with what is causing it. Then continue on why and how the issue exists. The main reason being the separation of ‘classes’. If someone were to read the Communist Manifesto and then look at my peace, the similarities would be pretty blatant. My article, to me, feels a bit like a rewrite of the Manifesto on a much different topic. The language is similar, the structure is also similar. The humor might as well be the biggest difference, for one article was hired by communists to be used as a formal document, while the other speaks of the great injustice that video games can bring to gender, all be it in an extreme and unusual fashion. Another thing that I’ve realized the Manifesto influenced my writing in the fact I don’t plan on really using many drawn out and explained examples. I originally went into this project thinking “I’ll write how capitalist pigs are making money off of breasts and Male fantasy, yadda yadda yadda.” But now I feel that making the issue exaggerated and make a clear villain that has been abusing people for generations. Though I personally know the gaming industry has been getting better, and most women I speak with in the gaming community are ok with such fan service things, all be it because there are times where females get their own fan service from attractive guys in game as well. But who needs to hear that the situation is getting better when it’s easier to draw attention by exaggerating an issue by making a cause that inspires support. That’s the way Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto and it’s how I plan to complete my project.

(Pixelated Thoughts)

Among the rubble of a destroyed city, a woman wearing a black military uniform, red armband, and black hair tied in a ponytail runs to take cover behind a pillar of high that has collapsed and now holds itself up from its own remains above her. Slinging her marksman rifle over her shoulder, she looks down the scope and watches a tall man made of metal, with a minigun fused onto its right arm, slowly march its way over to a man hiding behind another pillar 30 meters away with an assault rifle between him and the metallic man. Adjusting her view, the woman flicks off the safety and takes a deep breath as her finger lifts off of the trigger guard and onto the trigger right before…

Scenes like this are what filled my mind for several years of my life. The scene written above was taken from when I roleplayed online with people in a sandbox game called Garry’s Mod on a server themed around the Terminator universe. The event ended up with my character experiencing a near death experience after taking the attention of the terminator away from her teammate, where the terminator turned and fired its minigun in her direction with the bullets tearing through the concrete and through her ballistic plate vest. Even though there is such a story behind it with, what was to me, such vivid images, there was no animation from the models for all the things that happened. I along with two other people typed out sentence by sentence the actions that took place. Through watching how people structured their sentences, I slowly picked up the basics of grammar which are lessons that I take with me today because it just feels natural for me at this point. Garry’s Mod wasn’t the only game that I learned grammar through. I even started through a game called Warcraft III which came out in 2002, and then an expansion in 2004 called The Frozen Throne. After watching my brother do it a couple of times, I got an interest and tried it myself. Since I was only eight at the time, the things I learned showed in my ability to increase my ‘reading level’ throughout elementary school. I got to excel in writing assignments and my teachers always considered me a good reader, which I only have my experiences of roleplaying to thank.

It’s also amusing to me that during my years of roleplaying through video games online, the ones that often had mistakes in their grammar were the ones who tried to correct others. They often were disliked and given the term ‘Grammar Nazi’ to describe them. Most people never bothered with correcting someone, unless they were atrocious, so those who did it regularly were naturally disliked. The greatest fall of a grammar nazi was the moment they made a mistake and were called out for being full of shit. I naturally never paid attention to these things too much, but it was amusing to watch people argue out of character over the small things. These small things were exposed to me and I got to learn niches in grammar that I’m sure I would never use, however no such experience stands out to me after not interacting with roleplaying for years. With these years away from roleplaying though, I can proudly look back and see the other things I’ve learned from video games.

I’ve learned the composition of air by looking at filters on a space station, learned the geography of Europe slowly while establishing myself as a great power after starting as a lowly elector in the Holy Roman Empire in 1444, and so much more. Through a variety of games, I was able to be exposed to a variety of scenarios which taught me so many things. Video games can be a great way to learn things and it’s disappointing to me that so many people consider them a waste of time where nothing can be learned. Stating that video games bring out violent tendencies in people and are only harmful to children is a view that I can’t help but feel is ignorant. I can’t deny that video games often get people rowdy due to some people’s competitive nature, but to say that games only make people violent seems off when gamers are stereotypically shut ins, who are abnormally quiet when outside. I’ve seen people who could tell you facts about random parts of World War 2. If you wanted to know what tanks were reliable and which were a pile of junk, or the facts of battleships such as the Konigsburg or the St. Louis cruiser, there is a person who can tell you all about it depending on which gaming community that is explored. I personally view games as a great way to learn things, it just takes a little bit of searching past the most popular titles.


(P.S. Thanks for Everything Dr. Hall)

Me As A Writer

Haider Mahmood

English 1121

Dr. Carrie Hall

May 21, 2019





How have I grown as a writer? The teachers always talking, you read long articles and have to write long essays! Who would love writing. At first I joined this English course because it was required. I was not even looking to improve I just wanted my college credit and wanted to get out. I’ve seen my professor Carrie Hall try so hard to get us to improve and I just couldn’t find the point. But because I see her dedication to get us to improve I started caring less about my grade and more on doing my part of the class which was trying.  I realized I wasn’t give this class my full attention and just kind of get out of a bad vibe. Knowing myself I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy this class because I just hate school in general. I hate the whole concept of school because it teaches you nothing about the real world. But this wasn’t any class, it was Carrie Halls.

The second we were both dedicated I wanted to figure out what was the point? I soon realized by writing , whether it was my journal , homework  or essays. My writing has changed because I’ve stopped looking at it as an assignment. When you are told to do something you just do it in school and never really ask yourself what’s the point of this. I feel like over this semester instead of writing this assignment for my professor I wrote it like I’ve been writing for my friends which made my essay more interesting to read and write.  I’ve changed my whole mentality of writing assignments from hating to write them to getting better to understand the concept of them, which was to entertain or show people a piece of how you think.

When writing and focusing on improving even with the help of you teacher you can’t really be good at everything. Although I started to love writing and getting to know how to write, I was good at things but I was also bad at things. The reason why I was so bad at essay is because I would go home and open my laptop and get stuck on the introduction. How do I even start an essay? I thought the point of the introduction is to tell people what you’re going to be talking about and so I would ask questions. Like if I was talking about hotdogs in my essay I would ask questions the reader would never know of the top of their head. For example do you know where hotdogs come from? I would think this is the type of things that would get the reader interested but honestly it just pissed them off. Until one day in class Dr.Carrie Hall makes us do an assignment where we think of a time in our life and write down our surroundings. With that information we create an intense scene which would get the reader hooked. One thing I’ve been really bad at is conclusion. I was told as a kid in conclusion just rewrite what you wrote about. I was so happy about that because when you get to the conclusion you just want to finish as fast as possible.

Now I no longer have a hatred for writing. In my free time I continue to write in my personal journal. No matter what it’s about, sometimes I write about my day. I write what I did in my day and what I wanted to do. I write about story’s that I make up from my head. For example I just created a story about a crazy race driver who does anything he can to win races. Writing has only made my life better because I can finally take my thoughts and write them on paper.  I used to write down my goals on how I can become a better person today and in years to come.  Most importantly writing has taught me to take risks. Writing in general was a risk for me because I was getting out of my comfort zone. I was writing my personal thoughts and didn’t know who would be reading it. Also I would ask questions that I wasn’t really confident in asking. Scared to be judged on the type of question I asked, whether someone would just say “ that’s a stupid question”. That one of my biggest fears when I comes to writing because it’s just a confident killer.

So this is me as a writer. I have improved myself in ways I couldn’t even imagine years ago. I’ve started to accept writing is a part of me just like brushing my teeth. Writing in my journal has helped me write my thought on paper easier because there a people who love to read your writings and support

Me as a Writer

Giuseppe Biondi

Dr. Hall

English 1121

This semester has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean that I will forget what and how I progressed as a writer and a student. The class has been one of the funniest and enjoyable since high school. What I think is key for a student to get better at something is to like what you are doing. I liked this class and if I could, I’ll take it every semester again, but I can’t.

This class and Dr. Hall have taught me that no one is perfect at something. I’m not a perfect writer and I think that no one is, it’s just a matter of you, liking something. During this time, I learned my weakness and strengths, and how to exploit them. The biggest weakness that I have is that sometimes I don’t take my time doing things, like in this class writing as fast as possible just to finish the assignment; this only got my writing worse than it was before and I had to adjust my attitude of rushing my writings. In unit 1 like when I was talking about my grandpa, I forgot to introduce him well, this one of the many mistakes I did. He has an important role in my unit 1 and not describing him, is like working without knowing who your boss at work is. In unit 1 I said, “The tree reminds me of my grandfather, as if he is watching me waking up every morning, he’s what the tree remembers me of, because it was him who gave life to the tree, and my feelings for it”. This is where I started making the reader confused, because I kept talking about my grandpa and how he is an important part of my life, but I never describe him as a person always as an image of someone that only I know. I just needed to remember that, yes, I do know him, but the reader does not. Also, in unit 1 I talked a lot about Sicily and its nature and how majestic it is, but still I did not describe it enough to let the reader having a self image in their heads on how it really was. This all seemed banal to me, but I understood that when you write you must do it for yourself and the reader too, so that they can understand what you are talking about, especially if you have to post it somewhere. Now at the end of the semester my strength is that I know, because of my past errors, where to stop and really think about what I have to do to make things better. Before I said that I had many errors in unit 1, and because I knew I could make way better than I did the first time I wrote it, I revised it. From the time of the publication on openlab to when I revised it I understood that it really was bad, but sometimes you don’t see it right away and you must let the time pass between. So, one of the biggest errors I did was not to describe my grandpa and Sicily, and these two is what I really tried to focus more in the revision. In the second paragraph of the revision I described my grandpa more but not too much otherwise the character, my grandpa, wouldn’t evolve like I wanted to. And like my grandpa Sicily nature too, I tried to evolve them like a movie, so little by little.

During the semester we had fun moments and days where you had to write and that was it. I don’t know why but every time we had an assignment I always do it the day before, this is one of the many stupid things that someone does. Yes, for this time I’m calling my self stupid and not because I am, but because I’m stubborn. This is one of the many things I also adjust and completely get rid of; because it’s so bad doing things last minute and because of it I had the same problem with unit 3 where I did rush again like unit 1, and of course I did not expect a high grade. In the unit I had a lot of grammatical errors which when you have like 2 weeks to finish the assignment, it should be perfect. I’m going to be honest most of them were rush errors. One of them was like “Nowadays with advanced technologies in the world, cities are evolving to bigger and bigger cities everyday coming…” as simple as the introduction I already started making errors, and when you have a bad start you’ll also have a bad ending. Knowing that I could have done it in way that would have made it better I took the chance Dr. Hall gave me and of course I revised as well. I adjusted the introduction and know it starts like this “Nowadays with advanced technologies it is easier for construction industries to build buildings, and because of that cities are evolving to bigger and bigger cities everyday coming, but they also bring disadvantages”. First I didn’t say what technology has to do with cities getting bigger, but now in the revised unit 3 and what I said did change the introduction so that the reader can understand what technologies have to do with cities, in this case they do help construction industries because of new equipment evolved with new technologies making buildings is not as difficult as it was before, therefore cities like New York are getting bigger every day. These are all errors that I made when rushing and my point is that, only at the end of the semester I understood how to be a better writer and that is by proofreading your writings.

At the end of the semester what I see of my self is that, yes, I did become better at endling some things but like I said no one is a perfect writer and that is what makes a writer better. I think that making errors is what brings you a step further than you were before. Looking back, I see a student trying to rush things just to get rid of them, but now I see a student that understands when to give it all and trying to always do the best. At the end; I see myself a step further.


Artist Statement

Erik Yan


Eng 1121

Professor Hall


Over this semester I believe that I have improved on my writing. I think i’ve been able to write longer pieces than I ever could. In the past, writing more than 2 pages was considered a lot for me. I’ve noticed ever since like my first class of college, most of my written work was 2 pages or more. I kind of felt like it was kind of difficult to write a lot because I like to just say or present my point. My explanation for my point would be really brief with not much reasoning as to why I felt that way. I think throughout the semester I have noticed I sort of have been improving on explaining myself and my reasoning. I’ve been able to also explain my use of evidence a little better. I still need to work more on that but it is better than how I wrote in the beginning of the term. Having to explain more of why I agree to a certain thing helped to also extend my paper. I think my type of writing has remained more or less the same because the style of writing has been pretty similar throughout my pieces of work. The two pieces of work I have chosen both are written in a casual way. I find that it is more relatable when reading it which can help set up like a emotional connection. The two pieces I chose are the MTA Signal Memo and Gender Inequality in Video Games. I chose these two because I felt that my MTA Signal Memo was a “low stakes” homework assignment that made great use of a lot of evidence. I was able to gather evidence about MTA signal problems and I was able to explain why I picked the evidence I picked and what it all meant. This memo was basically kind of a mini essay in my opinion just without really an introduction and conclusion. I also chose my paper about women in video games because that was a subject of interest that coincided with the topic of my paper. I felt more invested in writing that paper because I was personally interested. This allowed me to write longer with more of an explanation of why I thought the way I did. I think something I can improve on is trying to explain what my evidence means in my own understanding of it. I basically mean explain why I picked it and how I have interpreted that evidence because no one else knows what I’m thinking but myself. I want to be able to properly write down my understanding of it so that someone else who picks up my paper and reads it, will understand what I am thinking about it.

My interest in writing has remained the same, which is only really writing when school requires it. I don’t find an interest in writing. I only do it because I need it for my classes. I find it much easier to just speak my ideas instead of writing it out. Plus since I would be having a discussion with someone on the topic, I can also get an immediate response or counter to my argument. Even though I do not write a lot outside of class, I still feel that I have had some type of improvement compared to previous written pieces. As I have said earlier about explaining my point more, In my “Gender inequality in Video Games” paper, I brought up evidence talking about the proportion of women compared to men working in a game related field. I explained how the evidence basically demonstrated that there was a disproportionate amount of males and females working in the video game field. I also recommend a solution to fix the issue of the disproportionate amount of women and and men working in the video game field. I recommended that companies should encourage more females so that more of them can join a video game related fields. Now looking back at it, I have noticed that I could have said “Video game companies can have free STEM programs which will help to encourage and maybe get more women interested in that subject”. If I said that I think it would be a little more convincing and help further support my claims. I did enjoy this semester’s writing assignments, I was basically allowed to write something that pertained to my interests.