Pop culture Response

After watching Beyonce’s Lemonade video, so many social problems came to light. The writer of Lemonade is saying that women should come together uplift each other. Also saying that Minorities as a whole are still being affected some way in this corrupt society we live in and something should be done about it. Something that confused me was the very end of the video when she drowned with the police car. I didn’t know if she was saying we should fall under that status quo and let the government pulls us down and stay quiet or was she contradicting herself. After reading the the article “Moving Beyond Pain” I learn the real idea of Feminism is mainly to take away all the things that separate men from women and that lemonade is actually the way to contrast life’s bitter but sweet moments. The author is using facts and the past to persuade us in his/her argument. I like that cause it shows the basically two sides. For Example Bell Hooks first talks about how from young girls were taught to get their money and to be independent but later on in the article he says it’s a fantasy of women to get equal pay as men. throughout reading the article it got me thinking of the way it contradicts itself.