Pavel Nunez


Dr Carrie Hall

English 1121


To begin, I want to revise the Unit 3  (which was community problems in NY) about the MTA and what we can do to fix it . Even though there was a lot of problems in the MTA mechanically and time wise, and also death wise. But one thing that seems to go unnoticed in New York is sexual assault that happens in the trains. I’m going to be revising my Unit 3 into Sexual Assault in the MTA and what we can to prevent it or report it right away so any women would feel safe in the trains. Right now I might plan to change genres from a brochure to a letter/essay(or maybe an Ad of somesort). The Audience I want will most likely be women who feel that they don’t have a way to report being sexualy assaulted or women who haven’t experienced sexual assault but find a way to report/ prevent it .


Name: Tohuratun chowdhury

Class: Eng1121


Proposal for revision


I choose my creative art project to do my new project because I think it’s great object to discuss more about women empowerment for the  audiences. I want to show that a picture can show the emotions of all the conflicts women have to face. Every art have some details which related to someone’s life in our society. I will write a essay about women empowerment and I will use some sources and artists statements for the essay. I want to reach the audience to know about how women’s are always facing lot of conflicts and get succeed in their life.

Words to Ignite Fire

For my fourth unit topic I plan on revising my unit two topic ton put it into a poem  format. I don’t quite have an idea for who to put as an audience. But I plan to write a poem while putting images along the side to create stronger imagery through example.  Because if I write to an unknown audience and I’m not able to give a reader who has no prior experience an image created through imagination, the strength of my message would feel weakened due to not being able to properly convey my goal, which at this point would be to convey an issue through a creative medium that provokes the imagination.


Karina Ramsey

Dr.Carrie Hall

English 1101

May 7, 2019

Revision proposal

I will be revising unit 2 which is my mini documentary about sexual assault based on the singer Kesha and her court case against the man who allegedly sexually assaulted her. Sexually assault is a very serious topic and many artist use their music as and outlet for situations that they have been in. I will be writing an essay where I will dissect two song written by artist who are addressing sexually assault generally or a situation that they have been in. The new audience I will be trying to reach people who have been sexually assaulted and who these songs have helped both directly and indirectly.

The unit that I’m revising is unit 3. I would like to reach the audience of color. The blacks, Latinos and other minority groups. I feel like instead of going after the mayor or politicians I feel as if we need to notify the ones that get affected by it the most because it’s up to them to change it. From Letter to more of an outlook. I’m going to be interviewing people of color to see how they feel about gentrification. And how they can stop it. I want to end the class on a strong note. I live in a building that has been gentrified a lot in the past few years. Also my neighborhood is no stranger to the topic.

Unit 4 Proposal

For this unit I am heavily considering revisiting my work from Unit 2, where I analyzed the X-Men and its meaning both internally, and the out effect it had on its readers, and how it brought something fresh to pop culture, especially for its time. As for the new audience that I would like to reach, I’m still considering it, but regarding the genre, I’m leaning toward a video essay format. I plan to go over my essay again, make changes that might be better suited for a video essay, or for a different format if I’m going to change my mind.

Unit 4 proposal

Amani Nassar

For this unit I want to change the form of my Unit 2 essay. I previously wrote a critique/analysis of the song “Alright.” This time I want to create a photo essay in which I pay more attention to the visual aspect of the music video. Often times music videos go underrated or dismissed because people do not take the time to understand the artistic intent behind them. I’m not quite sure who I want my audience to be, but I do know that I want my audience to walk away knowing and having more of an appreciation for the visuals/meanings behind music videos especially a video like this one. Within my photo essay I want to have side by side photographs between the music video and the representation it has on the outside world.

Unit Proposition: Education essay revision Michael Vignoles

For Unit for I would like to revise my educational essay and then do some sort of a public speech with it. Either on the train or even during class. I need to revise my essay and change the message a little but its goign to be around the fact that I was trying to get out of high school early and my principle told me that she worried and doesn’t see me completing college. So in response, I took my hard work ethic and became a manager 19 years old. I want to make a public motivational speech on that there are many ways to learn, and there is not on golden path to success.

Unit 4 Proposal

Erik Yan


Eng 1121

Professor Hall


I think for unit 4 I am considering revising my paper about women in video games. I plan on changing the audience who are going to read it. I kind of want women who don’t play video games to read it. I might also change some of the evidence I used in that paper. I’m not sure what else I can do to revise the paper about women in video games. I’m not exactly sure what genre I want to change it to. I’m maybe considering changing it to a comic but the thing is, I’m not sure how I’ll be able to convey my message and evidence for the reader. Maybe I might also consider a letter to a video game company to convince them to change how women are portrayed.