Unit #4 Proposal

My proposal is based off my Unit 1 writing, the educational essay. I will be writing a letter to my future children  because my parents were the topic of discussion in the educational essay. In unit one, I explained how my parents’ relationship put a strain on my childhood and teenage years in school. In unit four, my letter to my future children will include a speech to them describing how my parents impacted my education, and how I will want to impact theirs prolifically. There is a lot of things my parents haven’t done for me and my sister as children. I want to write this letter ensuring that my children will never worry about their educational ability as I did. I think I will maybe get closure from writing this letter being that I don’t live with my parents; so I never really let out my feelings to them the way I really wanted to. But knowing I can be the greatest parent I can be and uplift my children’s educational motivation would be more than enough closure for me.


For my proposal, I am revising Unit 1. The type of audience I would like to reach is the board of education of America, or even the principals of their schools. Teachers can also be targeted the audience because if there are more teachers who are aware that their teaching isn’t mean’t to help the students to learn, and lead to wanting to change as a community.  I’ll be moving my genre to a speech format, discussing about education. Things the United States can do better to change their methods from the past and move on. I’ll be using a social media source to give evidence to why the United States should adapt to change. for example a quote from this documentary, “America should stop teaching to a standardized test”. I’ll be writing a persuasive speech with a mix of picture essay.

For Tuesday– Proposal!

Hey everyone, read over Unit Four (under UNITS at the top of this page) and for Tuesday, write (and post on OpenLab) a proposal for what you intend to do for the project. Remember that you will be switching AUDIENCE and GENRE for this revision. I want you to write at least 600 words for this project. I do count spoken words as writing. I also want it to have some visual component– photos, moving images, etc…

Your proposal should tell me:

  1. Which unit you are revising
  2. What new audience you think you would like to reach
  3. What genre you want to write in (this should be a DRASTIC change– like, change mediums, from essay to video, or from video to comic book.) 
  4. What you plan to do!

The proposal doesn’t have to be too long– 150 words or so.  And if you’re not quite sure what you want to do in all of those four categories above yet, that’s fine– but you should know most of them, and have some options for the ones you are still unsure about. 

Think of this as a new project– that is, this grade has nothing to do with your original grade for whatever project you’re revising. It won’t replace the original grade.

If you are unhappy with your grade on any of the units, you are welcome to revise those units, but that’s separate.