Unit #4 Proposal

My proposal is based off my Unit 1 writing, the educational essay. I will be writing a letter to my future children  because my parents were the topic of discussion in the educational essay. In unit one, I explained how my parents’ relationship put a strain on my childhood and teenage years in school. In unit four, my letter to my future children will include a speech to them describing how my parents impacted my education, and how I will want to impact theirs prolifically. There is a lot of things my parents haven’t done for me and my sister as children. I want to write this letter ensuring that my children will never worry about their educational ability as I did. I think I will maybe get closure from writing this letter being that I don’t live with my parents; so I never really let out my feelings to them the way I really wanted to. But knowing I can be the greatest parent I can be and uplift my children’s educational motivation would be more than enough closure for me.

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