For Tuesday– Proposal!

Hey everyone, read over Unit Four (under UNITS at the top of this page) and for Tuesday, write (and post on OpenLab) a proposal for what you intend to do for the project. Remember that you will be switching AUDIENCE and GENRE for this revision. I want you to write at least 600 words for this project. I do count spoken words as writing. I also want it to have some visual component– photos, moving images, etc…

Your proposal should tell me:

  1. Which unit you are revising
  2. What new audience you think you would like to reach
  3. What genre you want to write in (this should be a DRASTIC change– like, change mediums, from essay to video, or from video to comic book.) 
  4. What you plan to do!

The proposal doesn’t have to be too long– 150 words or so.  And if you’re not quite sure what you want to do in all of those four categories above yet, that’s fine– but you should know most of them, and have some options for the ones you are still unsure about. 

Think of this as a new project– that is, this grade has nothing to do with your original grade for whatever project you’re revising. It won’t replace the original grade.

If you are unhappy with your grade on any of the units, you are welcome to revise those units, but that’s separate.

For Thursday

  1. If you haven’t posted your revision of the education essay, DO IT NOW!!
  2. Plan some idea for what you want to do for Unit 4. Email me with questions. We’re going to start working on this on Thursday, so you should have something in mind!
  3. We will have some time on Thursday, but not the whole class, to work on the letters to future students. If there’s something you need to do at home, please do it! We will start looking at these on Thursday.

For Tuesday– Rough Drafts of Unit Three Due!! (Final Drafts due Thurs!!)

Hey everyone– rough drafts of Unit Three are due on Tuesday. Please post them online (if possible) and bring them to class. Classtime will be used largely for workshopping of these drafts, so if you don’t have one, you’re gonna be sitting around doing nothing. Plus– this is a great opportunity for you to get some feedback!


Also: For those of you who did drawings, please remember to redo your artist’s statements. I’ve provided you with links to the info about how to write artists’ statements. Post them online, but also please send me an email to let me know you’ve done so:

For Thursday

Please print out, read and annotate the “Maker’s Eye,” which is about revision (below)

Also, keep working on your projects for Unit 3 (Community Projects/ Community Solutions)

As an update, the rough drafts for Unit 3 will be due on April 16. Please make these as finished as possible– FINAL DRAFTS DUE ON APRIL 18.

Also, the revision of the education essay has been postponed until after the break. It is now due on April 30.

Here’s the “Maker’s Eye”

Maker's Eye

For Tuesday

Hey everyone– good work today!

For Tuesday, I would like you all to work on Unit 3– your “Community Problems” projects. On OpenLab, please post a brief “progress report” that lets me know what you’ve done so far and how you’re doing with the unit.

Some important dates:

Tuesday, April 16: Revision of essay 1 (education narrative) is due 

Thursday, April 18: Unit 3 is due.

Please note that these are pretty close together. If you ignore these dates until the last minute, you’re gonna feel a WORLD OF PAIN! (Or just be super stressed.)

For Thursday: Research Memos due

Hey everyone! For Tuesday, please post your research memo on OpenLab and also bring in a copy for EACH MEMBER OF YOUR GROUP.

The research memo is just 1.5-2 pages in which you summarize what you learned in your research. I’m not grading you on grammar or anything. Remember! Extra credit for groups that have interviews in their research.

For the memo please click two categories: “Community Problems” AND your group’s category


  • Preventing college date rape (category: “preventing rape”)
  • Noise Pollution
  • On My Block
  • MTA: System fighters (category: “system fighters”– this is Shauntai, Ife and Josh.)
  • Living in NYC
  • Saviors of the MTA (category: “saviors” David, Pavel, Eric)
  • Homelessness

For Tuesday

We’re going back to the library! JUST KIDDING.

But really, for Tuesday, we’ll meet back in the regular classroom. Please bring links to the articles you’ve found (2-3 per person)- or if you’re doing interviews, please come with, either the info from those interviews, or a list of interview questions (HERE are some tips on writing interview questions.) 

To clarify:  Think of your group as a “think tank.” Together, you are trying to solve a problem. In the “research memo” you will be writing to the members of your group about the research you have done individually– more or less just summarizing what you have found. This way, you can get a lot more research done together!  These will be approx 450-500 words, but low-stakes (meaning I’m not grading your grammar, organization, etc).

Also, I will make a category for each of your groups for when you post. I’ll set those up on Tuesday.

In-Class Resources, Thursday

Remember, you want to find a SPECIFIC problem– if you are concerned with racism, you’d want to narrow that down to some specific issue of racial profiling in your neighborhood. On Tuesday, when we talked about poverty, someone asked “why are people getting kicked out of my building?” That’s specific!! You want questions that you can A. Research and B. Do something about through writing.

Other specific issues from Tuesday were: problems with Uber, problems with financial aid.

Okay, time to do some work!

Make some lists. Write down as many problems as you can think of. Use the internet to think of more! At LEAST 7 for each!!

  • Problems I notice around me
  • Problems I learned about from reading up on nonprofits (listed below)
  • Community problems associated with access to healthy food
  • Community problems associated with kids. For example, what are kids learning that they should not be learning? Or what aren’t they learning that they should be? What should be done?
  • Community problems related to art. What is the role between art and the health of the community?
  • Community problems related to health (food, air, water, medicine, cleanliness, hygiene, trash)
  • community problems related to transportation and traffic
  • community problems related with… create your own category.

After you’ve made your lists, circle your favorite for each.

Nonprofit links: