In-Class Resources, Thursday

Remember, you want to find a SPECIFIC problem– if you are concerned with racism, you’d want to narrow that down to some specific issue of racial profiling in your neighborhood. On Tuesday, when we talked about poverty, someone asked “why are people getting kicked out of my building?” That’s specific!! You want questions that you can A. Research and B. Do something about through writing.

Other specific issues from Tuesday were: problems with Uber, problems with financial aid.

Okay, time to do some work!

Make some lists. Write down as many problems as you can think of. Use the internet to think of more! At LEAST 7 for each!!

  • Problems I notice around me
  • Problems I learned about from reading up on nonprofits (listed below)
  • Community problems associated with access to healthy food
  • Community problems associated with kids. For example, what are kids learning that they should not be learning? Or what aren’t they learning that they should be? What should be done?
  • Community problems related to art. What is the role between art and the health of the community?
  • Community problems related to health (food, air, water, medicine, cleanliness, hygiene, trash)
  • community problems related to transportation and traffic
  • community problems related with… create your own category.

After you’ve made your lists, circle your favorite for each.

Nonprofit links:

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