Unit 4 revision of unit 2 Spoken word poem (essay form)

Shauntai Nuredeen-Smith Dr.Carrie Hall/ENG1121 UNIT 4- Revision to UNIT 2 (Poem)
Melinated People
Not even the weather could predict the storms that rain upon the black race each day, I mean I got to say I’ve witnessed it first hand and believe it or not the scariest thing is a brother with no plan, there’s no telling what he’ll do, he’s running the streets he got nothing else better to do, nothing to prove so he’s lost and in the drought so many black mothers have to live without, bury your kids before they bury you? Like it’s not suppose to be the other way around, what a round, a round of applause for the black lives matter cause, for the voice, now we have a choice, not to be a statistic, I refuse to be boxed in to be quiet to be ashamed to be prejudged because to so many we are less. But I ask.. less than who? Less than you? The law? Shit a black face was all they saw. Fear at it’s finest, there’s that word again and its clears as day, its trembling through I’m so sick of the separation after all that we’ve been through. Unity, is a clear vision a selfless decision. The past is the past, the dark times never last, black lives matter, no matter the shade no matter the class. So I say be nice, be kind to one another my brother my sister… because so many are not so many are stuck on the illusion of their own confusion on why we all can’t fit, that we all can’t mix. White and blacks, Rosa refused to sit in the back and she had ours so lets have hers, look at us now, are you proud? Is it enough? One thing it is, is tough. Violence could leave a whole block silent and if she’s crying someone is likely dying, sad right? How far people go when their mad right? It don’t feel right. If one fall we all do in some way, when that reporter gives a report they never have much to say. Who can we blame tho right? We don’t learn and everybody sees it and they believe it. We killing each other off, the police isn’t even needed. A clock in my head keeps going off, rewind back to the old times but this time its’s us against us, we’re the enemy, the distraction from ourselves, from our greatness and our light. My brothers my sisters be kind, for the son who you will raise, for the sister who you will watch grow, they are watching. For the generation who will be up next, melinated faces be at your best!!

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