Student Blend Requisition

Our menu item, Broiled Salmon with Bearnaise Sauce, Pomme Natures, and Sauteed Zucchini, is a rather heavy meal that we want to pair appropriately with a refreshing wine. After tasting a variety of delicious wines offered by winemaker Christopher at Red Hook Winery, my teammate and I have noticed that since our menu item is rather heavy in fat, we needed to incorporate some acidity and freshness to cut through it all. We came to the conclusion of deciding to pair with a white wine. The base white wines we tasted included two types of Chardonnay and on Sauvignon Blanc. This selection is inspiring us to possibly blend the buttery, oaky notes of a Chardonnay and getting that acidic freshness from the Sauvignon Blanc. Prior to arriving at Red Hook Winery, we had discussed wanting to do white wine for our dish. We also discussed varieties like Sauvignon Blanc and Reisling that would brighten up our dish with these lighter white wine varieties. Since we only have three wines to choose from, we are thinking about possibly trying to get an even, balanced blend of both Chardonnays or of one of the Chardonnays and the Sauvignon Blanc. These base wines are offering us a great foundation for a vibrant white wine to contrast the intensity of all components of our entree dish.

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