Shelf Talker

Shelf Talker
Team #5 Team #5 Jaei. Lee & Jocelyn Romero

Blend of :

75% Cabernet Franc Séneca Lake 2018

  • Very clear, bright granite 
  • Cherry, pomegranate, raspberry
  • Pomegranate, high acid, hint of oak, balanced, bit tanin at the end, medium low bodied.

25% Merlot North Fork 2018 :

  • Slightly dark granite, clear
  • Fig, bitter raspberry, bit of oak
  • Very dry, tannin, fig, long finish, medium low acid


Tasting Note

Color of wine is very close to bright red rose.

Light in aromatic, note of plum, dark cherry.

Starts with hint of earthiness, with plum and cherry, then well balanced acidic, then finishes with only remains of tannin lingering, over all, it was well balanced medium bodied red wine that my team was aiming for. 


Food Pairing Suggestion

When Jocelyn and I were discussing for blending wine, we were full of ambitions to make most suitable wine for Grilled Lamb “Steaks” Hache with Ratatouille. To achieve that, our number one goal was to have pleasing tannin of oakiness or earthiness as finishing palate and we did it. By blending Merlot to Cabernet Franc, we were able to come up with wine that starts with earthiness, and tannin that lingers at the end. As a supplement component, we were very fortunate to come dark deep heavy fruitiness that aren’t bothering the rich flavor of ratatouille, but also has some acidity to cut through the lamb steak. It was our challenge to come up with wine that has several different stages of palate that could be possibly go well with our menu. Because lamb steak, and ratatouille are already helping flavor, we couldn’t choose wine that are just fruity, or just tannin of earthiness or oakiness. However, the result was more than we expected to be, we are proud to announce our wine is suitable for Grilled Lamb “Steaks” Hache with Ratatouille.



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  1. Foodies as wine makers, I love it! Your food pairing is great.

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