Journal 7

Week 6 was one long fun and interesting week, now here’s to week 7. One of my assignments this week was Market which is at the bottom of the assignments I dislike other than beverage island that’s the worse one, personally. Market consists of having to restock multiple products in the big cooler backstage which is connected to the kitchen, two small coolers on stage by the registers, refill the Resort mugs, and snacks; chips, whole fruits, Rice Krispy’s, eta. I ended up closing Market and finished closing close to a hour than my original closing time which was 11:30pm. Every time I close Market I learn something new such as what time to actually close down and take away products to put back in the dry storage, and where products actually go, eta. This is one shop that I never actually got trained for which is the same routine for morning and night shifts. I had to learn as I go and ask around myself how to do certain things dealing with this shop.


During my morning shift, I was assigned a new assignment that I never done before. I went to my coordinator and told her I had no idea how to begin. She asked me “If I wanted to get a new assignment” since I never done it before which it was preparing four different types of flatbreads for lunch. I had a choice to say yes I will like a new assignment but instead I told her “No, I will like to learn”. She basically got one of my coworkers to teach me how to prepare everything, where to go to get the foods, and how many we have to make in total so the cast members who work at night will not have to run out of flatbreads at all. I had a great time learning something new and being able to do it myself after he demonstrated everything to me on how to make each type of flatbreads.

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