Week Journal #11

Week 11 was great! I luckily was only scheduled a few days this week. Coincidentally it was my birthday week so I spent most of the days at the parks!

I started at Epcot on my actual birthday!  Since the food and wine festival was still going on, I ate my weight in food! I started with shrimp tacos in Mexico! They were paired with a spicy red sauce, I couldn’t get enough! I then had a skirt steak w garlic aioli drizzled on top which was AMAZING! After the steak, I had a crab cake from “Earth Eats” and a spinach and artichoke dip with pulled chicken. I paired these dishes with a glass of pinot grigio.

My colleagues Brittany & Gabby with their roommates Natalie and Angela as well as my roommate Angel

My friends from Disney’s Pop Century Resort

I ended up with cheesy buns from Brazil which were my favorite of the three dishes.  Of course I had to pair my food with an Avocado Margarita as well.  I invited some friends who I work with at the front desk Disney’s Pop Century Resort as well as my colleages from CityTech and their roomates! It was a great day well spent!

Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Crab cake and Pinot Grigio

Skirt Steak

Two days after my birthday was Halloween! I worked in the morning, but was luckily out by 4pm! I went to one of my favorite pubs, Independent Bar and dressed up as a cat! It wasn’t as fun as Halloween in New York City, but I still had a delightful time!

Halloween night with some from friends from work

Halloween night with some from friends from work

On my last day off for the week, I went to Magic Kingdom! I rode a few rides… of course I had to ride space mountain. I had a Mickey Mouse ice cream sundae on Main Street USA and took a picture in front of the “Purple Wall”.

My “Purple Wall” pic in Tomorrowland and Magic Kingdom

Overall my birthday week was awesome! Looking forward to Week 12!

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