Weekly Journal #13

I’m very happy that I’m leaving in two more months. Apart of me is surprised I made it this far but I’m definitely happy I did not give up. It’s not as busy as October but it’s still pretty busy at work.

I was finally able to make time to visit the parks again. It’s always nice to be at Epcot!

Germany at Epcot


Classes are going well. I’m almost done with a group project and classes end the beginning of next month. I am currently making plans to explore the city of Orlando and ride the hot air balloon at Disney Springs.

A recent challenge has been interacting with coworkers who might not always be on the same page. A lot of us are so tired and it’s definitely a challenge to keep up sometimes. I am not friends with everyone at work but I do work well with them. Honestly, right now I’m just excited to learn more about the Disney Cruise Line.

Here’s to another week ~


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