Perhaps one of the most significant moments that I’ve had was my first day in the office. During this day I was able to have lunch with my supervisor and another team member who was full-time staff. My supervisor shared her background in art and the work field. I found it really exciting that she uses to sculpt and that she has a background in art. She also shared with me her work habits, I was amazed at by how much she was doing. Right away I knew that she was a busy lady juggling a lot on her hands. Nevertheless, she was passionate and excited when sharing her story. I was inspired and motivated by her experience. She made me feel like I was in the right place.

Across from me sat another team member who came from an animation background. It was a wild experience because I could feel my expression growing as he was describing his experience. He also shared that he is a Professor at SVA (School of Visual Arts), this was so incredible to hear. He shared a little bit about his work. He is an individual who comes from an animation/illustration background. It turns out that he did not see himself in the field of economics and that he kind of just found himself there. He is also an adjunct professor who teaches animation. The Federal Reserve Bank of NY also has a comic book that educates kids about the economy in which he participated in bringing it to life. He wrote and illustrated this work! This was crazy to me because he was somehow applying his passion to the work he was doing at the bank! I knew that my skills as an animator/illustrator would also be applicable to my work space, no matter where I found myself. This individual made me feel sure about where I was at. I can’t wait to see where I end up, however one thing is for sure my illustration and animation skills WILL come in handy!