It amazes me how friendly and kind individuals at the bank are. I almost never walk past anyone without greeting them or wishing them a great day. Although I am a bit isolated in my cubical, I often find myself in conversation with bank employees and meeting new people every day that I am there. From the start I was looking forward to meeting the other CUNY Scholars who would be sharing the space with me. I only get to work with them once a week but it’s great to have their presence in the space. We always have interesting conversations and they teach me a lot. I also learned that I am one of the youngest CUNY Scholars there and maybe even at the bank. I enjoy connecting with the other scholars. Recently we have been having lunch in our department. This has led to many networking opportunities and I have met a lot of great individuals. It is also a luxury to be surprised with lunch and dessert. The office managers organize these treats in recognition of the employees hard work. I too have access to these treats and it is truly a great reward.

Currently I am still working on my first assignment. It has been a long journey, but we have really came up with a great piece. The piece I am working on is a takeaway for the general public. So far, through this experience I have learned how to communicate better, work in team, send emails that are more “work structured” and have developed my design skills along the way. It has been a great experience to work in a team, sitting down and observing my design. I receive feedback almost every day and it really improves my work. In addition, I am now applying images to this piece, something I was not doing before. This new addition can be tricky, you need to know how to work with the images proportions and how they will fit on the page. The piece is close to being done, I am looking forward to the result!

Work in progress Children’s Book NOTE: NOT FINAL WORK

Work In Progress