Currently I am working close with my Supervisor on my first assignment. We are aiming for this assignment to be a public takeaway for the museum. I find this to be a collaborative work between my supervisor, another employee who is in our team and myself. This assignment was introduced to me by my supervisor and another bank employee. Together, the three of us walked through the project brief. I made sure to take notes and develop ideas as we went along. I did no hold back on asking questions such as paper size and color. I tried to take as much notes as I could, I knew this was a must. Suddenly my progress was interrupted by required training for new employees. This training was time consuming, so I had to step away from my assignment. I was able to obtain knowledge on how to better manage myself and the work I engage in. I learned more about company culture and got a better understanding of how to keep my work secure and safe. I found this experience to be significant because this will happen in other work spaces. You don’t always get right to work, often there are other factors involved that can interrupt your process.

Exploring Kerning & Leading on project

After completing new employee training, and more required paperwork I returned to my assignment. While working on this assignment I found myself communicating with my supervisor in many ways such as in person, e-mail or Instant Messenger (IM). I came to see how versatile my network is and the different methods of communications. This assignment mostly focuses on text rather than imagery. The text was given to me back when the assignment was first introduced to me. This is a great first assignment for me because there aren’t many elements to be working with. I am starting with a simple approach to this project. So far, we have been successful in communicating with one another. We are still currently in the mock up phase and are working closely to provide a piece that matches the museums look and feel as well as its identity.

Sample Footer of the Museum’s Identity