Allow me to take you back to about 8 months ago. I was at my first year and semester at City Tech as a transfer student. Prior to this I had completed an associate degree in Graphic Design (A.A.S) at Kingsborough Community College. One of my main goals was to start seeking an internship as soon as I started City Tech. As the semester went on I was able to network with many classmates. I quickly found myself in conversations regarding internships. Some students had already participated and completed internships and others like me were seeking the opportunity to apply for one. The CUNY Service Corps was perhaps the most popular internship and certainly fit my interest. I went home and immediately researched the Service Corps and quickly found myself applying. I was intrigued and impressed with the work that the CUNY service corps was accomplishing and the impact that they were having on all different communities. To join the Service Corps, I completed the application which included a lot of paper work and 3 essential essays. I was notified about my INITIAL acceptance into the program months after I had already applied. To gain full acceptance to the program I still had to go to training’s, workshops and other mandatory events that increased my knowledge about the Service Corps and its values.

Perhaps the most intense event was the job fair at John Jay College. This was a 2-day event that was full of potential working cites from all over the 5 boroughs. I had prepared my portfolio and was ready to be interviewed. It was tough having to adapt to each interview. For example, for some interviews the representatives were happy and proud, in others they seemed uninterested and blunt. I attended both days of the interviews, in total I participated in about 10 interviews. Some of these interviews were scheduled but others were not. My final interview did not take place until weeks later. The Federal Reserve Bank did not attend either days of the job fair I soon found out that the reason for this was because they had already chosen who they wanted to interview, and that interview was to be held at a separate time. This interview took place at the CUNY headquarters in Manhattan. The interview felt intense it was a huge building and just finding the correct floor was a journey within itself. During the interview I expressed my personal interest and love for graphic design. I was asked questions about my knowledge of the bank, personal achievements, and what kind of work I do as an artist. I answered each question genuinely and with much energy and excitement.

Finally, after this long journey I finally received an e-mail with a job/internship offer. I am now placed as a Design Intern at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY my role is within the Communication and Outreach department. My supervisor has been working closely with me since I first started and has introduced me to my first assignment!