Deep within the Financial District of Manhattan, 80 feet deep below ground floor level lies a highly secured vault full of luxurious gold. Above this vault is a significant building that assist in serving as America’s central bank. The security is as strict as you are probably imagining it to be. Guards, badges/ID’s, Scanners, special entries you name it. This building is not only significant to New York but America itself. This is The Federal Reserve Bank Of NY. By the way my name is Pablo, I am a senior studying Communication Design at the New York City College of Technology. I landed an internship at the bank and I’ll be coming here 12 hours a week for the next 5 months. Join me in my journey…

The Federal Reserve Bank of NY is located at 33 Liberty St, New York, NY. It is a 22-floor building and is in a corporate setting. There are hundreds of employees from all different departments working in the building. All floors in the bank are dedicated to different departments, my specific placement is in Communication and Outreach department. The setting is very busy with high activity; however, it can also be calm and quiet. Employees work in cubicles and the higher-ups surround the work space with their personal offices. The work being done here is private and is not to be shared to the public.

The Communications and outreach department use their own private computers and networks to connect with each other. In the space all different types of projects are being done. The work being done here is not always necessary for clients/customers it is also for the bank itself. The work I am engaging in is for the Banks Museums. The Museum is open to the public and tours of the Museum happen daily. This area of the bank is also known as the “Museum and Learning Center” and currently I am helping design the “identity, look, and feel” of the museum. I am beyond excited to engage with the bank and begin my first upcoming assignment!


Museum And Learning Center (Economic Education)

Federal Reserve Bank of NY 33 Liberty St, New York, NY 10045