Work is perhaps one of the most important responsibilities that we have in our lives. We all work for different reasons, it helps us earn an income while also contributing to society. I first started working when I was 17 years old. I have explored a fair amount of jobs and engaged in different work environments. So far, I have had the luxury of working jobs that have been, for the most part extremely flexible with my schedule. I believe this flexibility often has to do with the facts that I am a student and the employer is always aware of that. Not all employees at the jobs I’ve worked have been students, many times they are full-time. Employees who are full-time usually don’t have flexible hours. In addition, employers have higher expectations for full-time employees and rely much more on them. Unfortunately, I have seen cases outside of my internship where full-time employees are denied days off and even asked to come in if they are attempting to call out. I have heard many employees upset because they miss out on family gatherings, parties, visitors, holidays and other special occasions the list goes on. Often, I have thought to myself how I would feel in their position and its very upsetting to think about. They are often stuck because the job there working is providing food on the table, so it is not easy to risk missing out on work. It is a tragic to hear these kinds of scenarios happen.

Fortunately, so far during my time at the Federal Reserve Bank I have not expereinced anything near this. Everyone at work seems calm and affirmative towards their work. I never hear any complaints about work schedules, it’s almost like that subject is non-exist. I wouldn’t expect nothing less from such a professional setting. On Halloween I experienced a very beautiful thing. Some employees were moving a bit faster than usual and seem to be leaving a bit earlier than usual. I heard many conversations regarding their kids and how they were leaving early so that they could take them trick-or-treating after school. I overheard stories about what kinds of costumes their kids were wearing and how they were looking forward to taking them out. Employees left early, no one seemed bothered by their early absence, on the contrary other employees wish them a beautiful and fun night. The staff who stayed made friendly jokes and free candy was everywhere!

I can only dream of being employed in such an amazing work environment like the one I am experiencing during this internship. Being comfortable and at peace is a luxury to have at a work space. I want to work hard in order to earn a job where my hours don’t make me feel trapped. I have also experienced this at a nonprofit organization which I have been employed for in the past. It brings peace to me knowing that these work settings are out there.