Company culture is an obvious at the Federal Reserve Bank. Since I first started entering the environment I could see that everyone “spoke the same language” and was familiar with the nature of the bank. Employees dress business attire both men and women. I soon became familiar to the vocabulary and acronyms that the employees were using. I myself also dress business attire, I try to wear a tie often but not always. I wear slacks everyday along with a dressing shirt and business shoes. I am not shy about wearing vibrant colors or shirts with patterns, however I always consider if the piece is clothing will be appropriate for the work place.

My department consist of high activity, there are always employees printing, walking around, some are rushing to get to meetings and everyone always has their eyes on the clock. This isn’t necessarily a negative setting on the contrary the energy can be felt, and it often motivates me to move fast or focus more on my work. Although the setting can feel very busy there are times when the office is calm, and the energy begins to go down. This too is a benefit because you experience a moment of relaxation and it becomes easy to focus on your task for the day. I imagine that employees experience this at different times. The bank has the luxury of having its own cafeteria which is located on the top floor.

Employees seem to take breaks whenever its most convenient for them. I have the freedom of taking my lunch when I choose to. However, I like to have a specific time for lunch during my work days. I work 2 days, 6 hours each on Wednesdays and Fridays. Full-time staff have their own schedules, I haven’t asked around about their work hours, but it seems to be a 9-5 job. I often hear the staff casually talking about traveling due to other states. I find this interesting and would personally enjoy having to do that. I look forward to adapting more to the company culture and being able to represent the bank beyond the work space.