At this point, I am very close to reaching my required 120 hours for this internship course. During my time here, I have grown as a designer.

I have gained incredible knowledge about Banks in America and how central banks handle finance. I learned a lot about the Fed’s history and culture. It is incredible to see how the Federal Reserve Banks contributes to the community. During my time here, I have increased my knowledge/understanding of how the work done at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY educates my community. I have even had the chance to read literature that was produced by the Bank.

From the very beginning it has been an amazing experience for me. The bank truly cares about their scholars and very much acknowledges our presence. It was great to be able to work on a project that relates to my studies here at City Tech. This has been my first experience stepping into the field which City Tech has prepared me for. Thanks to the Communication Design curriculum I had a strong skill set that matched the work that I am currently doing for the bank. I was able to apply design and use the adobe creative cloud to put together my work. In addition, I have touched on some other great professional skills that are not necessarily related to my studies. For example, I learned how to manage my emails, manage my time, meet deadlines, receive feedback, communicate ideas and so much more.

Perhaps my most exciting moment and highlight of this internship was being able to put my work on display for the public! My supervisor made this extra special for me. She invited me to come downstairs with her to put together my printed work on plastic stands. She was extremely proud to have my work go live and available for the general public.
This was certainly a milestone for me, as this is the first time I EVER produce a design for my work field.

This internship is not even close to being over. Outside of the class course I am required to meet 250 hours through the CUNY Service Corps program. I am excited to see what other projects the department has waiting for me. I can’t wait to see the growth in my work and to engage in more collaborative projects. Ultimately, I hope to be able to come out with some pieces for portfolio work. I am looking forward to what the next steps are for me, I would love to be able to fight my way in for a full-time position here someday!