I truly believe that this assignment is helping me grow as a graphic designer. I felt that since the start I have approached this with a serious tone. I want to be able to produce outstanding work for the bank. I am very passionate about this piece. I am very proud that although this assignment only consists of text, I am still feeling excited and motivate to execute a strong piece! I am also having fun with this piece, I don’t find myself wanting to move on or step back from the work. I truly enjoy this assignment and experiencing this collaborative experience.

I feel that I have done rather well in receiving feedback and applying it to my work. I am also proud that I do not hold back in asking questions. I am not shy when I feel uncertain, most of the time my questions are answered, and I am more relaxed about my work. I have also done some serious note taking along the way. I am learning that note taking is very essential in the work that I am producing. It prevents me from asking questions and it also helps me avoid the feeling of being “stuck”.

Overall, I feel like I have been successful in my work so far. I give myself credit for using tips from professors and listening to their lectures. I also am proud to say that although I am working I am still having an incredible experience. My creative and work speed are being tested so I must exceed expectations!