We All Scream For …

a cup of ice cream

Image by: Brianna Vasquez

There’s a new dessert trend that has been making waves for a while for the ice cream world. It is the Thai rolled ice cream which is also known as stir-fried ice cream. This famous Asian dessert is uniquely made by way of being rolled tightly to be serve with the addition of optional toppings. Being that I am a huge fan of ice cream, I wanted to share this concept that has become so loved by all ice cream lovers.

The trend debuted in New York last summer and while many have thought of it as a fad it has continued to flourish as many still find this particular type of ice cream to be fascinating. More ice cream shops that specialize in this Thais creation are opening and more people are learning about this trend, they want to try this treat that has been so widely discussed and raved about. I had the pleasure of trying this specific ice cream and it is absolutely delicious, the concept of being rolled changes the way the ice cream is consumed which enhances the eating experience. I went to Blossom Ice Cream which is located relatively close to the college, it was a great experience and the place is so quaint that you can almost miss it if you do not keep your eyes peeled for it.

The ice cream is mostly known for the way that it is created as it is a truly intricate process. In order to make the rolled ice cream, they use a frozen slab of metal called a teppan. Then, a mixture of milk and either fruit, nuts, or other ingredients are added together before being poured onto the slab. The mixture is chopped, stirred, and spread out as it slowly crystallizes so it can have a creamy texture. As it becomes frozen enough, it is then slowly rolled with the help of a utensil then it is stuffed in rows in a serving cup when toppings can be added. But the ice cream must be rolled at the correct time or it will become too frozen and will not be able to be rolled correctly.

Comment below on some great desserts that you have had the chance to try over this past summer.

Why I Love Thai Food

If you ask my friends or boyfriend, “what’s Jessica’s favorite cuisine/type of food?” 9 out of 10 them would say Ramen or Thai food. I’ve frequently visited Thai restaurant the last few years to the point some friends got a little sick of it because to them Thai food wasn’t too impressive to them ,but to me I absolutely love it.

I think I have been to fourteen Thai restaurants between Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. That’s quite a lot, but I am sure there are others that have been to more Thai restaurants. So here’s a few reasons why I love Thai food:

a dish of pad thai

I absolutely love Pad Thai! It’s definitely one of my favorite noodle dishes and I love that it has a slight tang-like flavor, but also with a little sweetness. There was a time in my life where I would try the different Pad Thai around different Thai restaurants and some were a hit or miss. I also like that you can have it with chicken, beef, seafood, vegetable, pork, and etc.

a glass of iced tea

I also love Thai Ice Tea as most people do when they have Thai food. It’s rich, not too sweet, and just really refreshing and delightful.

fried puffed pastry with dipping sauce

One of the appetizers I really enjoy at a Thai restaurant is the Chicken Curry Puff which is filled with chicken, carrot, potato, onion, and Massaman curry. It’s often served with a sweet cucumber vinegar. The appetizer is very moist with delicious curry flavors, but not at spicy at all.

bowl of ice cream

I also can’t forget Thai Ice Tea ice cream. Yep there is such a thing and in fact, I feel more and more places are carrying this flavor! The Thai Ice Tea ice cream I’ve had is very rich, creamy, and you can really taste the tea-ness in the ice cream.

Another reason I love Thai food/going to Thai restaurants is the decor and ambiance. Most Thai restaurants have a intimate, dim light setting and pretty calm and relaxing. There are some reasons why I love Thai food.

Is there a cuisine that you enjoy and why do you enjoy it?