Every Blogger Has That One Place

This post is tying together two elements of what is important to me: blogging and food.

a black laptop, a black notebook, black sunglasses, and an iced coffee

I think all creatives/bloggers like me have this “place” where they feel the most comfortable in to do their blogging, writing, or etc. As a blogger, it’s important for me to be in a place I know I can concentrate. Unfortunately, sometimes making an effort to blog at home doesn’t seem to get me very far because of distractions.

Lately there’s a coffee house/franchise that I been feeling extremely motivated and inspired whenever I walk through their doors. If you’ve been around the city, you may have noticed a lot of Caffe Bene’s are popping up everywhere, but there are a lot in Queens, New Jersey, and Brooklyn too.

I’ve been coming to the Bensonhurst location on 18th Avenue a lot, at least once or sometimes twice a week. The atmosphere is cozy, comfortable, and has the local, neighborhood vibe to it. There’s always an abundance of seats and tables available and outlets available to charge your electronic devices. Most of the customers at this location are high school student – 50-60+ year old.

Besides enjoying the complimentary WiFi and air conditioning/heat (for the cold seasons), I typically like to come here to get my blogging and Yelp reviews done on the weekdays I don’t have plans. I feel extremely motivated to just write and blog here and the wonderful scent of coffee and tea keeps me up and going. Most of the customers here come with their laptops, iPads, tablets too or to get homework done. It’s also a nice place to do group studying as there are a lot of communal tables. I also like that they play cafe/coffee house music, but I always prefer my Spotify music instead.

a panini and a drink with mint

Caffe Bene has a lot of beverages to choose from, sandwiches, waffles, and sweets. I’ve recently been addicted to their Portabella Sandwich which is super crunchy, delicious and well I love mushrooms. The food and drinks here are a little pricey, but the quality is good.

All in all, I really like coming to Caffe Bene to blog and write my Yelp reviews. I feel I accomplish a lot when I am here because I can trap myself in my music and in front of my laptop. I don’t know anyone here so there’s minimal distraction and I feel my inner creative spirit really comes out on blogging and writing when I am here.

Do you have a “one place” where you feel you do your best blogging/work? If so, why is it your “place”?

Bibble & Sip

It’s not everyday that I would trek to Hell’s Kitchen/Theater District in the city for food, but If I don’t do it when I can, then I probably won’t do it ever again. During spring break, I met with my dear friend Diane to have lunch in the area and I wanted to try Bibble & Sip as well.

a bakery called "bibble and sip"

Image Credit to Sideways.NYC

The cafe is located in Midtown West and is known for it’s friendly atmosphere, unique pastries, and adorable alpaca themed decor. There’s a limited amount of seating here, but there’s a small counter where you can munch on your food and sip on your beverage. The staff at Bibble & Sip are quick, on point, and friendly. Their personality and level of professionalism matches this interesting cafe.

I read a lot of reviews on Yelp to see what were the menu items that stood out and were the most popular so I would know what to try at Bibble & Sip, so I made a list.

an iced tea and a pastry

Many reviews suggested that the lavender latte was absolutely delicious, so I decided to give it a try and I got the Iced Lavender Latte instead. The iced lavender latte was coffee meets lavender in a cup! The lavender wasn’t overpowering so I was still able to taste the coffee flavor. Everything was in equal parts in this lavender heaven latte! It stole my heart.

I also ordered the Earl Grey Cream Puff which was huge and  true earl grey heaven! I’ve never had an earl grey dessert as good as this. The cream puff was flaky, soft, and absolutely delectable.

a pastry with dipping sauce

The earl grey cream filling was pure heaven! It was sweet and full of earl grey deliciousness! I took my time to eat it to make sure I was able to enjoy every bite. I wished I had a whole tub of the earl grey because it was just that amazing! I was in love.


My friend had the Black Sesame Hazelnut Crunch Mousse cake which she thought was amazing especially with the different combination of flavors and textures. She actually didn’t finish it because our lunch was quite filling, so she saved it to indulge on later that day.

I am very glad  to have tried Bibble & Sip and even though I was a little disappointed in the size of this place with limited seating or standing room, I would definitely come back. I would like to try their matcha cream puff and other beverages. For those of you who haven’t been here, you definitely need to visit Bibble & Sip especially if you like unique and adorable baked offerings.

What dessert or cafe spots do you like to visit? What food and beverages would you recommend?


Dining Solo at Two Hands

There’s this little cafe called Two Hands that I’ve been interested in trying for a long time. I was supposed to have lunch and coffee with my friend, but my friend ended up showing up late, so instead of just waiting around I ended up experiencing the restaurant and cafe by myself.

Gorgeous, white interior, natural light and very inviting/trendy, and just super chill and hip customers. Two Hands is quite small with limited space and the wait can be anywhere from 1 – 1.5 hour, so be prepared.

a white drink with ice and a red and white straw, in a glass jar

I ordered the Matcha Latte ($5.00) which was served in a mason jar, no surprise here. The Matcha Latte was unsweetened, but very refreshing and delicious!

avocado slices on salad greens

I also had The Good Life Salad ($13.00) which was baby spinach, carrot, chickpeas, quinoa, golden raisins, sunflower seeds, and avocado with mint pesto. The salad was a little pricey, but very good and filling! The mint pesto gave the salad a very refreshing taste to it and the combination of the sunflower seeds and avocado gave the salad a nutty flavor to it.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience at Two Hands. Two Hands is focused mostly on creating healthy, simple. and delicious foods. It’s definitely a place worth coming with a friend or someone that enjoys healthy food and a relaxing and mellow atmosphere. I would definitely come back here, but with a friend next time for sure.

Do you enjoy eating at cafe? Which cafes do you like to go to?