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The Ladders


Product/Service: TheLadders is an online recruitment service provider for finding candidates for available job opportunities. They also offer a free mobile-to-mobile career app.

Founder/Co-Founders: Marc Cenedella is the Founder and Executive Chairman of The Ladders. He founded the company with Alex Douzet and Andrew Koch in 2003, formerly serving as CEO, and is based in the New York headquarters.

Office/Headquarters: TheLadders is headquartered in New York City.

Method of Making Money:  How does your company make money? Through advertising, subscribers, royalties, affiliate purchases, lead generation, selling data, or freemium payment models?

Target Customers: job seekers, employers and recuiters

How many current users/customers, etc: The Ladders currently have over over 6 million members, which includes job seekers, employers and recuiters.

How does the company advertise its product/services? The Ladders advertise its services by Web and TV ads.

Competitors/Competitive Advantage: Careerbuilder, Execnet, Experteer. Advantages: mobile apps that is highly customizable, free services that allow for job seekers to uncover job that may not be posted

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Ajani’s Cover Letter

Ajani Treadwell


Brooklyn, NY


917 999 8888

Dear Hiring Manager,


I am responding to a job posting on LinkedIn for a Graphic Designer (reference # 13711441208 on the company site). I would first like to say that I’m extremely ecstatic about opportunity to work for a globally recognized brand such as your. I have spend my entire life surrounded by Johnson and Johnson products, as it was the only brand that my family truly trust. It is the attention to quality and commitment to community health, that I personified with. It is with great sincerity that I submit my resume to you.

I am currently a senior at New York City College of Technology-CUNY. My major is Communication Design Management with a concentration on Project Management. Through this degree, I have been educated and trained various design skill and problem solving tactics. You may find my portfolio that I have attached a bit unique, because it showcases not only my design skill, but my researching abilities.  Also, I serve as an officer for my school division of Gamma Epsilon Tau where I hold the title of Secretary. Gamma Epsilon Tau is a Graphic Arts honors society. We serve a link to professional within the graphic arts community, while peer mentoring the upcoming students body. We believe we can best services the graphics community by arming the future with the skill needed to succeed.

As you review my resume, you may note my years of experience in a printing environment. And, through my education, I have learned of various cost efficient and environmentally friendly printing techniques that will be essential to Johnson and Johnson continued growth. If given the opportunity, I would love to be a part of the Johnson and Johnson brand. I believe that we share the same commitment to community and possible of working for the company that I have beloved since childhood would be an added plus.


Respectfully yours,

Ajani Treadwell

Ajani’s Mini Job search

My ultimate goal is to one a have a successful career as a Production Manager for a Publication. Ideally, I would want to work for a comic publisher, or a tech magazine. My major in Graphic Art Production Management will help me some of the way in obtaining my goal. However, I have never been the type of person whom learn solely through lectures and reading. I’m one of those people who learns better “with their hands”. As I mentioned in the previous post, I work as a Prepress operator for a printing company. I have gained a lot of knowledge not only about printing but design.

One of the most important lessons that I have learned is that that no matter how beautiful the design is, if it can’t output (print or display) it means nothing. The only unfortunately thing is that I can’t get to where I want to be by working for this company. To obtain my dream job I know it going to take the right combination of work experience and technical skill in production. I also know that going to have to start at an entry level position so that I can build on my skills. I know it seems like I plan on doing double the work, but I believe that managers can gain more respect from their subordinates it they have relatable work experience. I have often worked for managers that had no idea about the operations they were responsible for. I find that this type of manager rarely are prepare for issues that may arise, and are quick to blame others.

A careers in graphic arts will continue my development, and hopeful the I can get an entry level graphic designer position at a publication. So, I started my job search Graphic Art/Publications, to which I found lot of Graphic Design oriented position. Some results did vary, as not all were for Publications. The overall qualifications are 1-5 years in a design environment (prepress for some), 4 year degree, organizational skills, technical skill using the Adobe suite or Quark Xpress, Verbal and Written communication skills.

Village Voice

Graphic Designer

Guttmacher Institute

Graphic Designer

Senior Designer

HarperFestival and HarperCollins imprints

Design and Marketing Associate

Great Oaks Foundation (Great Oaks)


Junior Graphic Designer (Chelsea)

Jr. Graphic Designer

Graphic and Marketing Designer

Jr. Graphic Designer/Illustrator

Graphic Designer (Midtown)

Art Coordinator


Graphic Designer

Johnson & Johnson

Graphic Designer

Marketing Graphic Designer

Daily Mail

Creative Technologist

New York Times







Ajani’s Intro

Good Evening Class,

My name is Ajani Treadwell. I am a Graphic Art Production Management major here at City Tech. Hopefully this well be my last year. I plan on becoming a Production Manager for a publication once I’m done with school. Currently, I work for a printing company as a Prepress Operator, which is what kept me occupied this past winter. Working in a printing environment has given me the technical experience needed for my career path. Once I get my degree, it should be easier to obtain a job with a major publication. I’m fairly comfortable with technology, although I must confess that I stay away from social media (I do have a Linkedin Page though).

To be honest, writing is not my strong point. Although I believe I’m extremely creative, I tend to procrastinate doing my development. However I do enjoy the freedom of expression that writing allows. The ability to visualize what the writer is expressing without seeing any pictures is a skill that great writers have. Unfortunately, this leave the writer to be criticize by the reader if the idea are not clearly understood.  Writing skills are a necessity to the communications fields like publications. I believe technical writing is about learning the proper ways to write, including appropriate language and formats regardless of the situation. I hope to learn how to develop better writing skills, so I can express myself better.