Surendra Khadka: Mini-Job Search

This June I’ll be graduating with Bachelor in Telecommunications Engineering Technology. I’m interested in finding job in wireless industry. For the technical side, I don’t have any other certifications beside this degree which I’ll get in near future. However, I have been working over past seven years in telecom industry. Currently, my position is Pricing Analyst for Angel Americas LLC located in Manhattan. I am proficient on Microsoft Office and Outlook. I do use other software customized for prepaid calling card industry. I am good at problem solving, analyzing situation and decision making, & taking responsibility. I can work with minimal support from supervisor. I have good communication skills both written and verbal.

Since I work for finance department and my education is Engineering, it seems finding a new job with equal or better pay is a tough road for me. After graduation, I do not want to go for entry-level jobs in engineering field. But, a little better-paying jobs requires a lot of experience (3-10 years) in related field. To be honest, this “Mini-Job Search” certainly does not make me feel good about the future. However, on the bright side, some of my skills and my understanding of Corporate America is transferable to a new job. Education here at CityTech has not prepared me to meet these employers’ need.

Job titles I have searched for & companies I have looked for are listed below along with the links.

Technical Engineer Telecommunications –CBS –linkedin

T-Mobile – Engineer, RF Deployment – linkedin

 Telecommunications Analyst – UBM– indeed


Telecomm Project Manager –indeed


Telecommunications Engineer – Sotera Defense — indeed


Telecommunications Engineer – West Corporation — indeed


Signals Telecommunications Engineer–Monster


RF Engineer- Verizon–Monster

 RF Engineer- Cyient–Monster


Telecommunications Information Systems Officer – Entry –CIA


General Superintendent, Signals– MTA




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