Every Saturday my little cousin comes over to my house and she would admire how I played my piano. So on Saturday, I decided to give her a lesson. I started her off with the song Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel. She was so excited and thrilled when she touched the keys. She’s not used to being close to anything so artistic because she’s one who stays at home and never really goes out to see new things. It’s sad but it’s life. She grasped the notes so quickly. She is usually a very slow learner but this time she was so enthusiastic to learn that she caught on very fast. I think this was a positive reinforcement because teaching her how to play the piano was rewarding for her.

Jadawna Du-Font, Homework on Attention

One time I was searching for my bag after ballet. I was so sure that I left it one of the studios which I did. On my way back to the studio to get my bag, I passed a bench that had all of my stuff on it, but of course I did not pay it any mind. When I went back to the studio, it was empty. The custodian was mopping it out and I was worried that he threw it away. So I asked him for it and he brought me to the bench which I passed earlier. When you are focused on doing what you have to do , your mind is focused on that one objective.