At my internship, we are in the process of moving to a new location in the Bronx. All the interns and I have been packaging magazines and certain cables and other things as well. The office is looking empty as the days go by. Lately, I have been assigned the task to keep a list of inventory of magazines. At the office, we have lots of boxes filled with magazines from back in 2000 to 2017 issues. The challenging part of this task was finding each issue since some boxes do not have labels. Also lifting some to make sure the bottom ones are the ones we are looking for. Lisa wants to have two boxes of each and everything else will go to a storage centre.Since we ran out of boxes, I and another intern had to make a quick stop at the postal office to pick up mailing boxes, since they are free, they are the perfect packaging boxes for magazinesĀ and books. Not knowing the area made it a bit difficult to find the nearest postal office. Having a smartphone made it easier but not until a few mistakes. There was not much to do afterĀ since Lisa was not at the office in Brooklyn. The whole magazine packaging processĀ took about 2 weeks to do.

I also had to package a paper cutter also know as a guillotine. Lisa has 5 guillotines and she wants to keep the best two. Before packing them I had to make sure they were working. I and another intern decided to grab a few stacks of paper and put the guillotines to the test. When I’m not cutting paper for mounting for a presentation, using this guillotine is fun. We made so many cuts and we found out all five of guillotines worked perfectly.

Picking up cables and wrapping them around was time consuming. First of all, because there were so many tangled cables. There were phone cables, ethernet cables, and cables that I had no clue what they were for. All these cables were put in bines and boxes according to their functions. After this was done it was timeĀ to head home.