There is still a lot of work to be done at my internship. This week I was in charge of paper inventory. Since we do have boxes and boxes of paper I had to create an inventory of each kind, color, and texture of paper we have. At first, I wasn’t sure where to start because we do have stacks of paper. I decided to make a chart at first and work with it. The purpose of this was to find out the amounts of each kind of paper, and whatever we had a few of would either be donated to other organizations or given to students who may need it or want it. This actually took about three days to finish and afterwards we had to make a digital copy of it. Once we were finished with the inventory, it was time to carry out the paper trash and take it to a recycling company. I went with Lisa in her car and dropped off the paper. It took us two trips to finish. The actual recycling company was interesting enough. For example, the way they just throw everything on the floor and just move all these tones of paper with these big machines. They would compress it and wrap it in these huge squares.