As my journey continues to find an internship, I have noticed a few mistakes I could fix on Ramiro TM Portfoliomy PDF portfolio, which I did. I have also searched for interview tips online. I found interesting things that could help me. For example, I was not sure how to go dressed and I found out creative people should go dressed business casual. Also learned the process of an interview and how you should be prepared. Beforehand make sure you searched the company you applied for and learn as much as possible. Also, bring your resume with you just in case. The one thing I never considered that I learned was to follow up with a thank you letter. I wrote a thank you letter, so I wouldn’t have to write one after getting interviewed when it happens. I wrote, of course, a  layout of the thank you letter so in case I went to several interviews I can change a few things and still be able to re-use it.