In class, we read Essentials of Business Etiquette. When it comes to business cards I learned in order to hand yours, one has to ask for one beforehand. This way you show interest and you don’t look arrogant by handing yours first. Also, the book has social media as an option to have on your business card, not necessary but you should have a link to show your work. For example your website, a Behance account, and or another form of displaying your work.

The next chapter of the book talked about common things that employees might oversee. For example, going above basic requirements is a good thing but don’t overdo it as well. Proofreading all your work before handing it in is a big one a lot of people undermind. Also never be shy or scared to actually ask others for help, no one is perfect and helps you get to know your teammates. In some cases staying connected to social media can be a good thing when you keep everything professional. This means having a separate account for work and for personal use. Another tip is being friendly and approachable to everyone at work, it just makes work more welcoming. Most important is arriving on time to work, this shows respect on your behave.

A very interesting one is what your posture projects. I found this a bit funny but very true now that I think about it. standing up straight shows confident and can give you the edge when finding a job. Always avoid being inclosed or playing with your hands because you can give a submissive reading. The funny part was trying it myself in class. while trying it, I realized I do shake a lot without even noticing. This also connects to facial expressions, in which eye contact and smiles can make or break you. Different expressions can show confidence, anger, happiness, sadness, etc.