For our midterm grade, the whole class has to find a networking event and create business cards to give out as well. The design process for the business card was simple and minimal for me.  I kept my logo on one side and my information on the other. I was debating on having it horizontal or vertical and if front and back or one-sided. At the end of the day, I went for double-sided. As for the networking event, I found one called Come Talk Shop with UX Designers and Developers on November 14th, 2017, at 430pm-6pm. While waiting for the day to come I prepared my business card and what to wear to this networking event. I researched the place and event, which came to be to take place in a school. I came to the conclusion to play it on the safe side and go business casual. Even though I had an event, I kept looking for others just in case I found a better one that fits my schedule or interest. I found a few events that required 3 days but in another state like Sacramento.

At my internship, I started working on the new magazine layouts. I and another intern were given the task to organize the sponsors that would be included in the magazine. Since the magazine is black and white we had to see what sponsors fix with other sponsors so that the pages wouldn’t look like they have much negative space. Took us the whole day to finish placing the sponsors in the InDesign layout. Working with others does help a lot because you get feedback and you learn from them too when you both have different majors. The work was fun because we made it fun but kept it professional as well. At the end, we presented the work to Lisa and she approved it.