After fixing my cover letter and resume mistakes, they both started to look cleaner and minimal. This was a good thing because they both looked more professional and appealing. Afterwards, I fixed my portfolio by rearranging my work and placing them in mockups which made a big difference. I started to apply for a few internships like LeagueApps in which they use WordPress to design sports pages. Another one is Synch, which is an upcoming company in Tribeca. Carnegie Fabrics is another one I applied to. They focus more on fabrics but the internship is based on web design and graphic design.

I did learn when applying for a web design internship that you should think outside the box and apply for companies that may not be based on technology or related to the web. For example, Carnegie Fabrics, in which its a fabric company but yet they need a web/graphic designer. This opened my eyes more and so I started to search for real estate and clothing brands to see if there is a chance for me to intern for these companies.