In class, we read another chapter of the book Essentials of Business Etiquette. Somethings I picked up from the book were, when it comes to emails, always make sure everything is perfect. Few things one should always do is write the email before filling the email address part. Second of all start off with a greeting and make sure to end it with a closing as well. Third of all re-reading what you wrote to make sure everything makes sense. Now you can fill everything else and make sure to add a subject that is short and straight to the point. By doing all this one avoids sending an email to the wrong person or send an incomplete email as well. Even though all these tips may sound like common sense, a lot of us overlook them and forget.

At my internship, design work has been going slow. The main reason is that they are relocating from Brooklyn to the Bronx. Everything that I have been doing with a few other interns is packaging everything. Of course, because placing things in boxes we first organize everything. This week I had to package their whole library, which was a lot. They have a lot of old design and drawing books, as well as history and old Adobe learning textbooks. I also had to look through piles of files and sort them out from organizations. The whole process was to find duplicates and get rid of those and then place a single copy in its designated file. Now if there was no file I had to make one for it. I saw lots of old newspapers they have collected over the years and it is impressive how much history they have collected. I was impressed by the connections and friendships they have. They have worked with so many organizations around the world and not only in the United States. When sorting through files, it made me think and want to travel the world to know and gain experience in all these places. It would be nice to travel the world and meet new people, different languages and traditions.

Well, there was still work to finish and this time around me and a few other interns were in charge of moving two cabinets from the office. Once that was done we had to wrap up artwork and photos that were hanging around the office. The big challenge was wrapping up a huge frame that required four boxes. These four boxes were all trapped in an unusual way, but we all got the job done. Even though this is not design work related I noticed this can happen to any job out there and of course everyone would have to package their things to transfer to a new place so I’m taking this as an educational experience.