Interesting enough what I searched and learn last week, my professor …. actually said the same thing in class. I applied to SONY UX design team internship. Their form of application was different from the rest. Since this would be my first paid internship I was not sure on how much to ask for. I had to ask my professor and she advised me to ask for $12 or $15 the hour.

I also applied for an internship at Alice&Trixie, that was recommended by a classmate named Alan Zhao. After writing an email and sending them my resume, cover letter, and portfolio, I just had to wait for a reply back. My classmate Alan he also wrote them an email referring me since he had found another internship he was more interested in. After waiting three days for a reply I finally received one on Friday. My interview was on Monday at ten and so I went and I got the internship. One thing that threw me off at the interview was the person who interviewed me was wearing shorts. I have never been interviewed by a person so relaxed and calm. This was a new experience for me.

The work I would be doing consists of putting content on their social media, creating advertisements for their social media, and taking care of their analytics. Alice&Trixie is a fashion clothing line for females only, so I believe getting used to and learning about the fashion industry will be a challenge. Their workplace is open and inviting, and they have a few staff members. I got to see the cutting room and the place where they make all the measurements and sowing work. Their staff was welcoming and full of energy. I was not able to meet the owner during the time I was there but look forward to meeting her.