The first day on the job was a bit intimidating, not only that but I felt nervous. I dressed up casual after seeing them very relaxed during my interview. I arrived 30 minutes early and was given a desk to work. Greg the manager who interviewed me was teaching me more about the company and all the roles in the company. Greg brought me to the stock room and cutting room to look at the inventory and the style the company has. After the tour, Greg gave me my first task without explaining much. I started to look at their analytics and to understand the company a bit more. After a few, I found out their website was not getting traffic at all. Approximately on average, the website was getting one hit every hour. The worst part about that was they didn’t stay for long, approximately 5 seconds they would stay on the landing page and leave. People were not navigating through their website. The audience they were getting the most was females ages 26-35, meanwhile, they were actually targetting females 18-25.

I started to look through their website and it was modern and responsive with a simple layout. After a few, I realized how expensive their brand was. Since I don’t know much about fashion, I can’t really justify the coast of the style. I can say that it can be one reason why people are not buying their clothes through their website. I also took a look at their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, all their posts weren’t really posts focused on their brand. It was more like a personal social media investment. The posts were not consistent, some pictures were pixelated, and some were not related to the brand. If that wasn’t enough, their social media didn’t have a solid style to it. Their links on posts were not linked properly so that google analytics can track every click.

While doing my part and analyzing everything, I would overhear these two staff members emailing and phoning clients, trying to sell pieces that can potentially go with their client’s showrooms or boutiques. That’s when it hit me, they are making sales that way by phoning and not by their website. I decided to make a small presentation of their problems and how they can solve them as well. Since they didn’t have a specific person watching over their whole social media or website, it gave it away that they were all posting when they had something to post.

Finally, the owner came and I  introduced myself to her. Of course, wanted to know what I was working on and so I explained and pitched my ideas. She did understand what I was explaining but somehow she didn’t really pay much mind to it because she would keep saying, so how is it that we are still making money. Of course, I explained why and how they can make more and gain a bigger audience since they were targeting the wrong one. After the small presentation, I had she did not take it that well, she even had a small meeting with her staff and I was not included. Afterwards, the whole place felt different and I felt like I did something wrong. I didn’t feel welcome anymore, maybe because no one ever told the owner the truth and she finally saw it or I messed up their whole relaxed flow they had going on. I just decided on my own to resign and find another internship because I was not liking the treatment I was getting and how I was being judged because I’m young and properly unexperienced to them. I don’t really know what it was but I wasn’t feeling welcomed anymore.