Since I had resigned on my last internship Alice&Trixie, I was on the search for another one. Luckily a classmate suggested applying for the internship he has. Women’s Press Collective is the internship I was told about. I was told by Jedd to call Lisa in the afternoon which was the best time to get in contact. After making the call I had to attend an orientation. I met Lisa the one in charged of Women’s Press Collective and was interviewed and finally got the internship. I would be working on flyers, ┬ámagazines, photos, ┬áprinting and teaching the basics of web design.

First day on the job I was given the assignment to redesign a flyer. The client already liked what was on it but wanted to rearrange a few things. Of course, I followed the instructions and made it happen. Even though I was not pleased with it, I actually created another one with the same intention and details on the instruction sheet but a bit different just to see if the client might change their mind on the approach of the flyer. Redesigning the flyer took me about a week since I just started and this week I attended only 4 days.

Before creating anything I had to get inspired and I looked at their place and magazines they already had printed to get a better idea of their organization. Meanwhile, I listen to music and sketched a few layouts and searched on google for inspiration for the second flyer to give it my touch. The research process took me a day and a half and then I started to design in Indesign. This is what I came up with.